What test should I ask for?Goin to Dr Tu @ 1:00pm

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    I'm having blood test tomorrow and I want a complete work up. I want everything and I mean everything checked. I have FM and I suspect CFS.

    RBC-WBC-TSH-HORMONE LEVELS-LUPUS-DIABETES-CHOLESTEROL-TRIGLYCERIDES-VIT D LEVEL-VIT B-AND ALL THE REST. So what else do I need? Last time I told her this she didn't do it all so I want to be more specific.

    Can you post here so I can check this before I go please. I'm going to fast also.
  2. gapsych

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    Ferritin levels as this can be the beginning of anemia. Low levels may be associated with more pain and less energy. It can make RLS worse.

    How is your sleep? Have you ever had a sleep study? Getting as much control over our sleep as possible is very important.

    Also liver tests.

    Good luck.

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    Ok thanks to all.
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    ANA covers all the autoimmune tests.
    Sed rate is a general test but can show inflamation.
    CRP is another one for inflammation.

    Other recommendations were great.