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  1. dannybex

    dannybex Member

    If money were no object (and it IS, but I'm going to TRY and ask friends for help), what medical tests would are critical to help recover from CFS?

    And do you know how much these cost?

    Here are a few I'm considering:

    The ISAC and HTRP (Hypercoagulation) tests from Hemex labs

    The Patricia Kane fatty acid analysis test

    Possibly the Spectracell vitamin/mineral test

    And the CDSA: Comprehensive Digestive and Stool Analysis test

    Agree? Disagree? Any other tests I should have (I know I don't have lyme).


  2. confetti11

    confetti11 Member

    I would consider getting the stool analysis from Metametrix instead. Tests for DNA, not by culture.
  3. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    I'd get all my mineral, element, and micronutrient levels checked first and foremost. The great Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling stated: "Every disease, every sickness, and every ailment can be traced to a mineral deficiency"... This is true.
  4. dannybex

    dannybex Member

    Metametrix...haven't heard of that. I'll have to google it and try and find out more...thanks for the tip.

    And yes, woofmom...have you done the Spectracell test? It's supposed to be a lot more accurate than regular blood tests (which are highly unreliable so I'm told, esp for calcium and magnesium).

    If not, where did you have your testing done?

    Thanks...hoping for more suggestions?

    Also...would like to know if anyone has had the tests I've listed above?

  5. consuegra

    consuegra New Member

    I agree with confetti11. The Metametrix GI Effects DNA stool test is one of the first tests to do. It gives you information on items that you can really work on. Also I would recommend a thyroid panel -free t3, free t4 and antibodies.

  6. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    So far the only test I've had was to turn my head from right to left and then left to right. I also had to bend over as far as I could. My neck was also x-rayed. All of these, along with my symptoms, indicated a severe Manganese deficiency.
  7. dannybex

    dannybex Member

    Thanks again for your inputs!

    I have had the complete thyroid panel that you mention...and I was surprised to find that everything in that department was okay, even though my body temp has been low for 10-12 years. It's now actually been going up as I clean out my gut, and increase vitamin d.

    Woofmom, what was the connection between twisting and turning and bending and low manganese? Is it 'hypermobility' -- were you "too flexible"?

    That would kind of tie in on what I said on your manganese thread...(which I haven't checked yet)...that manganese often helps tendon, knee and joint problems, when magnesium won't.

    thank you!!!!!!!

    P.S. Does anyone know the cost of the Metametrix test? I went to their site and couldn't get it without filling in a bunch of info...[This Message was Edited on 05/30/2008]
  8. confetti11

    confetti11 Member

    I think it's around $400
  9. dannybex

    dannybex Member

    I have that off and on too. Some say it's from NOT ENOUGH calcium -- google calcium and "bone spurs" -- and others say it's from too much calcium, or not enough magnesium.

    But I tend to lean towards, the not enough argument. The theory is that if you don't have enough calcium in your bloodstream to handle other issues, it's pulled from the bones...hence the spurs, and the crackling, etc..

    BUT, having said that, look up hyaluronic acid and "cracking" or "arthritis" or other neck, back, joint issues -- and you'll pull up a lot of info on how that can be amazingly helpful. Apparently it helps supply the fluid cushion between the joints.

    Still you're right...other minerals are important, and manganese is very important. I would suggest we don't get anywhere near enough in our diet, and it's very non-toxic in oral form.


    p.s. Thanks Confetti for the price info!

  10. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    My chiro has said he thinks a lot of chrocic illnesses are caused by a Manganese deficiency. And I believe you remember how much I posted about Molybdenum and Pantethine. Well Manganese takes care of the need for Pantethine. And, judging by what I've researched, it may also take care of my need for Molybdenum.....And yes, I'm too hypermobile in my back. I can stand up straight with legs together and place my hands on the floor palms down. And my neck mobility is limited because the discs are compressed. Both of these indicate a Manganese deficiency. All the symptoms I've had for at least the last 40 years lead straight back to a Manganese deficiency. The more deficient I am, the worse the symptoms. When I "developed" FM 11 days ago was when my Manganese got extremely low. Then I had what is referred to as a "flare". And Jam, it is not genetic. Anyone can have mineral deficiencies, including newborn babies. And the thing with vaccines is that they chelate minerals. Manganese is the brain mineral. When it's extremely deficient Autism develops.
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  11. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    A little too much magnesium and/or calcium interfers with the absorption of Manganese.
  12. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    We've been focusing almost completely on Glutathione at the expense of overlooking Superoxide Dismutase. Superoxide dismutase may? be more important than Glutathione. At the very least, it's just as important. Manganese is required for so many things that it would be almost impossible to research and list them all.
  13. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    If I remember correctly, Manganese is required for joint lubrication. For the last 30 to 50 years the focus has been on calcium followed by potassium and then magnesium. This has cost us dearly because complete info is not given. Therefore many, many of the supplement makers are just as guilty as medicine at not helping to keep people in good health.
  14. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    Search for "important tests"

    here is what I posted but others had good ideas too.

    I think the most beneficial tests are those that probably are not covered by insurance.

    CDSA - checking your gut dysbiosis (sp?), parasites, bad bacteria, strep, etc These aren't causing your CFS/FMS but could be making you worse.

    Adrenal tests - 24 hr saliva tests - for ladies done on 21st day of cycle

    Igenex Test for Lyme if you have lyme issues

    ISAC panel for Hypercoagulation by Hemex (Dr. Natelsons research) if you feel short of breath, chest tight.

    Genova Diagnostics - Detoxification Panel, Metabolic Panel, Essential Elements/Heavy Metals, any of their tests are excellent.

    Red Blood Cell glutathione

    Covered by insurance:
    Thyroid free T3 and T4 and the associated antibodies - there is a new range and what was considered normal usually has to be supplemented with natural thyroid. Probably covered by insurance.

    homocysteine levels

    Metabolic Analysis Profile

    Heavy Metal and Essential Elements

    Vit D levels

    Magnesium levels.

    Herpes Panel (most importantly EBV, CMV, HHV6 or HHV7 in europe)

    Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme - best test is by IGENX but still false results sometimes. not sure if covered by insurance)

    Coxsackie viruses B1 and B4

    Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

    Bacteria - chlamydia pneum., mycoplasma pneum., bartonella (Cat Scratch Fever)

    Food and RAST Allergy testing

    ANA and Sedimentation rate - first one is autoimmune, second one is inflammation

    MTHFR - genetic test that shows if your methylation cycle is broken

    Pancreatic Enzymes and Liver Enzymes - if you have pain under left ribs, it is pancreas, under right ribs, it is liver/gall bladder.

    Natural Killer cells and any other immune function tests

    Not all of these would be pertinent and you probably won't get a doc to test for all of these but these are a good place to start.

  15. dannybex

    dannybex Member

    Thanks Marti for all the testing suggestions.

    I'm sure I can't list all of those, or at least not all at once, or people would flee...lol...but I will do some homework and try and prioritize some of them.

    Lyme has been ruled out -- I don't have much pain anyway -- but only by ART testing (which my doc learned from Dr. Klinghardt). Not sure how accurate it is, but I don't think I have many if even few of the symptoms.

    I forgot about the ill-named MTHFR test. That would probably be a good thing to try for, although I'm not sure how to explain the methylation cycle problem.

    And when it comes to viruses and other buggers -- what's the name of the test that shows if the infection is current, rather than something you had in the past? Is that the PCR test?

    Many thanks,


    p.s. and thanks to too Woofy -- yes I remember your posts about molyb and pantethine -- am trying both. Remember that all these things work together (like you say w/cal/mag)...that's why I'm going to try for the Spectracell test -- to see how balanced, or imbalanced I am. And poor adrenal function can screw up a lot of those.... :(

    Re Panthethine: It lowers cholestrol, etc., quite dramatically, so it's probably a good idea to get that one's cholestrol checked if you're on it for more than a few months. Cholestrol can go TOO low...anything below 175 increases ones suicide risk...

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