What tests at annual check-up do folks ask for?

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    Hi. I have some sort of "no-feel-good" syndrome (8 years duration). At one point in time, I made all the rounds -- rheums, neuros, oral pathologists, infectious disease docs, you name it. I gave up. So, now I go once a year for an annual physical and pap. What tests do people ask for? I usually just ask for a CBD, ANA, sed rate, but this time might ask to re-do Lupus & Sjorgren's antibodies. I'd love a whole MRI work-up since it's been a long time since I had that (maybe 6 years -- it was normal then). Lyme Disease has always been a possibility for me since I had a positive unconventional test. However many trials of antibiotics didn't cure me. Now, I pretty much rely on alernative meds. WHAT TESTS DO YOU GUYS ASK FOR???? Thanks very much in advance. Maureen
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    The information was very useful. I appreciate the help. Maureen