What tests/labs should I request?

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    I have my appointment with my infectious disease doctor in a couple of days, and I'm wondering if I should request anything specifically? I've been tested (in the past, over a year ago) for things such as lupus, RA, MS (by a neuro), EBV (came out negative even though I had mono), Parvo (positive for past infection), and then just the basic CBC, chem panel, and very few immune-related things such as C4 (I think) and IGG, IGA, and IGM. So, where do I go from here. I've requested to be tested for CMV and HHV-6, seeing as I apparently had mono 10 years ago, and if it wasn't caused by EBV it must have been caused by something else, right? However, anytime I've mentioned him running additional tests, he's kind of just brushed it aside like it wasn't really necessary.

    I just pray that he actually does something for me this time. My glands are so swollen that it hurts to swallow. I feel so feverish even when I'm not running a fever. And my throat hurts on and off almost every day.

    Are there any other tests I should request to be done besides CMV and HHV-6? I've also been tested for Lyme. The original ELISA came back positive. However, when that comes back positive they automatically send it for a western blot, which that came back negative. So, I guess that means Lyme is also ruled out. Thanks for your help, everyone!

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    bumping for responses
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    It depends on how friendly you are with the Doc. Usually, a specialist will only run tests in their own field. so, for an infectious disease doc, he will probably only check things infection and immune system related.

    if you want to get tested for HHV-6 i would definitely bring in that page from the vicd.org website that talks about which tests to have done, and an article about Dr Montoya's findings.

    you need HHV-6 (IGG and IGM) done by IFA (which is a way of measuring antibodies.

    they also could check more things about your immune system like:

    IGG subcalsses
    CD4/CD8 ratio
    (these are two that have been abnormal for me in the past)

    also other immune cells like B-cells and other T-cells.

    as for Lyme, since you had a positive antibody test, you might want to look further into that.

    there is a lab called Igenex which is the most reliable lab for Lyme testing. the problem is unless you have a really free thinking ID Doc, you will probably need to go to and LLMD (lyme literate medical doctor).

    to find and LLMD in your area, go to:


    and click on the "Flash Discussion" section. to find a doctor go to "seeking a doctor", and ot ask any other questions go to "medical questions". this is a great source for Lyme.

    also antibody testing for:

    chlamydia pneumoiae
    bartonella henslae
    coxsackie B viruses

    these are test that your Doc may be willing to do for you. the first three would most likely also be done by any LLMD, and the last two viruses are the one's that Dr John Chia in Torrance, CA believes can cause CFS.

    if you have any questions on this let me know.


    PS - there is also CMV which is a virus that Dr Lerner is a big propenent of in CFS. he is near Detroit MI. so that might be worth getting done.

    the thing is your Doc probably won't treat you for any of this (maybe the Montoya stuff), but the good thing about getting the tests done are if they turn up anything, then you can go about finding a Doc who will use that test to try some kind of treatment. [This Message was Edited on 02/06/2007]

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