What tests should I be asking for?

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    I've been reading a lot on your different posts about different tests that you've had. I am slowly learning more and more about my Fibro from all your posts. My doctor is totally clueless about a lot of stuff. What tests should I be asking her about? And what are the particular tests checking for? I've had quite a few, but some of these tests mentioned, I've never even heard of. so please clue me in, so maybe I can clue her in. My worse symptoms right now, beside the overall pain are the fatigue, weight gain, and really bad pain in my feet. I'm on Synthroid (hypotyroidism),Wellbutrin Sr, weaning off of Lexapro, Mobic, Flexeril, and Lorazapam.
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    First, do a message search on hypercoagulation, adrenal fatigue, Candida (you can do the spit test for that yourself). If you have the symptoms of these conditions, some tests are blood fibrin (or fibrinogen) level for the hypercoagulation; fasting blood cortisol level and Adrenal Stress Profile for adrenal fatigue. Most dr's don't know about the ASP test but they can order it (at no charge to them) from Great Smokies Lab. To find their site, put the name in quotation marks in Google, otherwise you will only get stuff on Great Smokies National Park!

    The Candida spit test - first thing in the morning, before you put anything in your mouth, spit into a clear glass of water and check it every 15 min. for an hour. If, within that hour, you see any strings or white lumps coming down out of the saliva floating on top, then you have Candida. I failed before 10 minutes were out!

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    Thanks for the great info! I'll be doing some research before my next appt., so that I am totaaly prepared.
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    you might also want to check and see if your insurance particiaptes with the laboratories.

    I think that great smokies particiaptes w/ my insurance as long as it is Perferred provider-PPO, not the regular HMO.

    Ask the lab is they parrticipate with your insurance, and read your insurnace policy. My insurer went from nonprofit to publically held. You don't want to end up paying 90% of your testing fees!!