What tests should I be asking for?

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    I've been reading a lot on your different posts about different tests that you've had. I am slowly learning more and more about my Fibro from all your posts. My doctor is totally clueless about a lot of stuff. What tests should I be asking her about? And what are the particular tests checking for? I've had quite a few, but some of these tests mentioned, I've never even heard of. so please clue me in, so maybe I can clue her in. My worse symptoms right now, beside the overall pain are the fatigue, weight gain, and really bad pain in my feet. I'm on Synthroid (hypotyroidism),Wellbutrin Sr, weaning off of Lexapro, Mobic, Flexeril, and Lorazapam.[This Message was Removed on 09/13/2003, by dimarc]