What the UK psychobabblers say about PWME/CFS

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    learned rhetoric; reading one media account of an LP success is almost word for word identical to the others.

    Yes they do ME/CFS patients a diservice but I guess that's inevitable given the vague definitions of CFS in use in the UK.

    There's no doubt LP helps a subset of chronic fatigue patients but I cannot see how their method can reverse the known ME/CFS physiological abnormalities so quickly.

    I am sure you too have noticed that when the biopsychosocial model is used the bio bit seems to get forgotten. Likewise how those who emphasise the mind-body connection seem to concentrate on the mind as being the key.

    tc, Tansy
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    You siad:

    "I am sure you too have noticed that when the biopsychosocial model is used the bio bit seems to get forgotten"

    EXACTLY!!! It's so frustrating and I am now really angry with the medical community.

    The study I was taking part in (Basant Puri) has halted due to lack of interest, funding. Just when I thought he might be getting somewhere....makes me sick :(

    Love Bunchy x
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    Hi Nofool

    That's ok topics frequently feature tangents. Yes there is a degree of hatred and that's what makes it so untenable that those guilty of borderline eugenics can be alowed to hold so much sway.

    Hi Bunchy

    Some of us are working hard to change this situation politcally and we could do with a lot more help and support. I have written about Dr Puri's research project because it helps to highlight the blatant bias over what is funded here in the UK.

    tc, Tansy
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    you explained the situation very well.

    Unfortunately Action for ME and AYME are working with the psychobabblers and that has contributed to our problems. This illustrates why we should take care when chosing what patients organisations we join and whether to support the work they claim to be doing in our names.

    tc, Tansy
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