What things do you do without because of money?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by doxygirl, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    and if you had more what would change for you?

  2. Bluebottle

    Bluebottle New Member

    I do without:

    help cleaning the house & garden
    decent dental care, my teeth are a mess
    nice clothes
    going out much (because I need to use taxis)
    treatment at beauticians (I have acne)

    - not much really, but I would have these things & more if I was still able to teach.
  3. solarStar

    solarStar New Member

    More money?? Sign me up! lol

    I stay home and we knew it would be tight but I would love to get the things I cant right now like:

    new furniture
    new clothes
    makeup (I still use mine from high school 7 years ago.)
    newer car (ours are both 11 years old)
    fenced in yard
    going out with DH more
    family weekends away

    And if I could have more it wouldnt be by much just enough to afford the little things that we cant seem to afford right now unless we put off paying a bill or two or three. lol Interesting post.

  4. budmickl

    budmickl New Member

    I can't turn off my mind long enough to get to sleep. All I can think about is how to pay the bills, how to pay the IRS and state taxes ($40,000), how to find a job.

    How to beat depression.

    If I had more money, I'd buy a better mattress.

    And I'd try to buy a little happiness.

  5. Christinawensell

    Christinawensell New Member

    a decent car- my girls were in a car accident recently and we had to buy what we could.



    giving my girls the things they want not just what they need. I feel bad about that one. They deserve so much more then a mom who they have to help all the time.

  6. Pottersclay

    Pottersclay New Member

    going out to dinner, going to nice places. We camped because it was something we could do as a family..cheap. Buy generic foods, I took my kids school shopping at a thrift store in the city where the rich people would ditch their clothes and got many like new name brand clothes for my kids. They were thrilled.

    A lot of times we just stay home and work because our farm requires a lot of attention.

    This year we watched our crops die in the fields from a lack of rain. We finally got some this week. We will see what kind of yields we will get.
  7. biddys2007

    biddys2007 New Member

    i really can't complain to much about not having enough money,my hubby always puts me first but if i did have extra money

    I would get my teeth fixed,they are bad,need dentures
    help my daughter,especially her,since she has lupus and is working and also going for her master's in psychology and help my boys and my in-laws. i would also help the place that my daughter works at it is for low income families and they are always in need of food and shelters. really just to be able to take a ride and enjoy the view without getting tired,hurting and frustrated would be worth a million dollars because i would be spending time with my hubby,whom i have been married to for 35 years this month.
  8. chalkwhite

    chalkwhite New Member

    I live where the winters are very cold and heat bills are very high. It is never warm in the house in winter because I keep it at 65. If I had more money it would be warmer. One more thing, money for vet bills for my2 cats and dog. They all have ear mites. thats all