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    I feel privileged to exist when i consider the millions of years of evolution and cosmic shift that made my life possible.

    Life that exists on a knife edge, life that is a gift from our many ancestors who braved their surroundings and adapted so that i might one day master them - that is a gift to be cherished.

    The person sat opposite me on the train is not much more than an ant in the great scheme of things, given a brief window in the eternity of time to live and to love, to taste strawberries and ride bikes, experience spots, toothaches and stomach upsets, to get in a bath that has to much cold water, to find out your shin and big toes are devices to find furniture in the dark, to wonder how they stick the non stick to the non stick frying pan, to shreak and run from a spider, to spend an hour looking for your keys, to lose one sock in the washing machine and never find it, to go out and worry if you shut the door properly or left the iron on, to sit on a shifting toilet seat, to not believe a "WET PAINT" sign, to dislike the taste of olives, caviar, and brussel spouts, and not understand algebra.

    There is so much for us to get done and so little time to do it that we cant possibly do it without a little help from eachother, clear a path to allow those of us through who need a helping hand.

    (giving thanks to all those who's words comfort and inspire me)

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    Have been enjoying so much all that you've posted on the different threads here. What lovely exuberance you have!

    I wanted to add that I was so excited that you mentioned 'Women Who Run with the Wolves"!!! A life-changing book for me forever! I left you a message on the Chat board - on Diane's music thread (confused in PA) about Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

    She is one of the main people in my life - and I follow daily her Facebook Page. She has put there UNPUBLISHED pages from WWRWTW, and other manuscripts. She lovingly and wisely writes new things too, and responds to a group of people who reply to her posts. Wonderful place!!!

    I'm so hoping that you get this message.

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    ha ha ha ha

    i just read your post,i have to say i want to follow
    your example in leading life 'mindfully'.

    no one except someone who lives totally in the
    present moment could come up with all those
    things you wrote!

    i mean we go thru the motions of living but on
    auto pilot.

    shifting toilet seat, lol.

    oh i am grateful for this board. and all the
    people i get to meet.

    God Bless