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  1. djnor

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    I am due to go back to my doctor for a visit (11/24) to follow up on blood test done- trying to determine why I am so very fatigued-have been diagnosed with FM, hypothyroidism (total thyroidectomy). The PA for the rhuemotologist I see will not give me a straight answer when I ask so what if the blood test come back within normal range? According to the results I have seen-I got a copy for myself- everything is in normal range my question is what do I need to ask him to do next to help find the cause for the fatigue?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. AnneTheresa

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    My sister was extremely fatigued and her blood test showed low potassium levels. Supplements brought her right back to normal. Just a thought.
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    I have fatigue due to fm,cfs. The only thin that came back slightly low was b12 and adrenals. My dr. has me take a multi vitamin, coenzyme b complex, pyridoxal 5 phosphate and amitriptyline. I take the amitriptyline for sleep problems-low dosage, no side effects. For adrenals he has me take a low dose of DHEA. The combo has really helped me with fatique.

    Hope he can help you with the fatigue. How is your sleep?