What to do about cramping in sides, chest?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SuzieQ, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. SuzieQ

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    I'm so fed up with cramps and muscle spasms. I drink plenty of fluids, eat food or juice high in potassium, take mag supplement, and on 2 diff muscle relaxers and klonopin at night...and I'm still having problems with cramps in the weirdest places. Today, I was doing ok, actually had a decent nights sleep(up only once with a leg cramp). One of my coworkers had commented on how I was looking better...had to go home sick last week. Then I had to go to the bathroom...sometimes when moving bowels, my stomach cramps up..then I can't wipe without getting severe cramps in my sides, chest and/or stomach...and trust me I have tried every angle. Usually gets better after a min, but took about 15min today. When I walked back on the hall, the same one that had told me I was looking better, was asking if I was ok...was walking hunched over to the side, face was pale, and was short of breath from being in such severe pain. Felt pretty silly...how can I explain, don't worry..just had to wipe myself..this will pass.

    Anyways, hoping I'm not the only person who suffers from this and maybe someone has cheap idea that may help. I hate when I think I'm feeling better and then the cramps start up.

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    This is so weird , I actually just now moved my bowels (I'm a bit constipated from the meds I guess) anyway I know this sounds gross but I was pushing quite hard and this weird sensation came over my entire upper stomach chest area , almost a burning sensation. Its hard to describe and it scared me. Is this what you experienced? My upper arms burned too. This is a new symptom for me. take care,
  3. 1maqt

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    My first Rhuem. prescribed Soma(The generic is much cheaper and works just as well) it is a muscle relaxer. At first it kinda gave me a funny feeling, but after a week it was okay.
    I have taken it for 5years and had no problems.
  4. SuzieQ

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    Lane, I think I will give that gatorade a try. I woke with leg cramps about 6 times the other night and was drinking some in the middle of the night...didn't help any that night, but next was better. Maybe if I try it morn and night it will help all the daytime cramps I get in every other part of my body. It's a scary feeling...because it's what I imagine a heart attack would feel like, but it's usually trying to stretch it out that takes it away..which wouldn't work on the heart. On the bright side, I work on a cardiac at floor...if the pain didn't go away after 30min...would probably head down to the ER to make sure, and the cramps in chest and sides are always worse at work.