What to do about such fatigue in legs??

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  1. kar1953

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    I have been experiencing such fatigue in my legs - specifically my lower legs & feet. The calves of my legs just ache sooooooo bad after I climb a flight of stairs or walk down to the mail box. Sometimes I can hardly walk back up the drive after getting the mail. My legs just feel like lead.

    Also, the bottoms of my feet have been burning so bad lately. Is this normal for us?

    I just keep getting the terrible feeling that I'm developing cfs. I just read a post where someone who has cfs was asking if anyone else gets really fatigued in the afternoon. I thought I was the only one who had to take 1-2 hr. naps.

    They were also talking about the bad hip pain, neck, shoulder & upper back pain. I have all of the above.

    Was doing so well till we went to that damned flea market & walked miles. How stupid of me. But I was determined to do SOMETHING I enjoy instead of just making it through work & now I'm in this nasty flare & it won't stop.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Take care.....Kathi
  2. BronzeWomn

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    Sorry you are hurting..i experience the same here. I go to a choripactor and ithelps some..but not l00àI take Effextor xr for my restless legs sydrome..it helps me alot..but,,u still have to use some common sense..i still stay l-2 hrs of nap on most days when i can get on in..i lose my balance and fall back on my legs when iam extra tired..that tells me i have had enough for the day and to stop..moving so much around..in the evening i evalvate my legs..sometimes take hot setting baths, tylenol, and rest not over exerting myself,, u know your own body..start listeningto it..and figure out how much u can do a day..and just relax..i kow it has to be hard if u r like me like to be doing something at all times and not sitting watching tv or reading...u have to discipline yourself or u will hurt everyday and all day. I get very tired thoughout the day..my feet burns when i have been doing alot of walking or standing and not wearing the comfortablish shoes. You will feel better with time and the right meds for you. It takes a while to start to feel better..cause everybody bodies are different and require different things. Hope this helps.
  3. PatPalmer

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    Sounds like something to do with the blood. I think you may have hypercoagulation.

    Do you drink much water?

    Increase your consumption to 2 ltrs a day, tea & coffee don`t count and add a pinch of Sea/Rock Salt to every glass.

    This simple action is worth trying first because not only is it cheap & drug free, but something that`s always a deficiency for everyone in the early days.

    Raw garlic, onions, Antidioxant & Detox Herbal Teas work wonders for the blood too.

    If you also have digestive problems, Digestive Enzymes both with and without food help.

    Love Pat.
  4. Dara

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    the answer to that one, I also have fatigue and achiness in my legs. When my legs start feeling weak, like wet noodles, I know I'm in trouble. This is how they feel just before I'm starting to get sick, even if it's only from a cold or sore throat, etc. I noticed yesterday they were hurting a lot, today I spent about 50% of the time sleeping. I can tell I'm coming down with something, but so far it's just the extreme fatigue and aching. I know what you mean about cfs, I also wonder at times if I don't have it in addition to the FM, RLS, IBS, and so on...

  5. kar1953

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    took the time to answer my post. I have been taking it easy for the past 3-4 days. Not doing much except sitting & weeding in my gardens. But before that I had green beans & peppers to can. My husband helped, but he can't do it himself - he'd have the place a mess!! lol

    I really need to get this cleared up before the 20th. That's the first day of school for us. I don't want to start out the new year working half days like I ended last school year. I'm going to call my doc on Mon. & see if I can get in - maybe he will know of something I can do.

    Pat - what exactly is hypercoagulation? I do drink water although I'm sure I don't get in 2 liters a day. Does lemonade count? Sure hope so cause I drink tons of Wylers or Crystal lite (no sugar) lemonade.

    I just wish I'd be able to wake up one morning, get out of bed & have normal legs - not lead legs!!

    Take care all.......Kathi
  6. elaine_p

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    two different replies. Drinking lemonade is actually okay. A recent study compared a group who drank only water and a group who drank other things (don't remember what) and there wasn't any difference in hydration levels that I remember. I'd only watch it if you drank things that are diuretics--like caffeine or alcohol. The only "bad" thing about Wylers or Crystal Lite is the sugar or nutrasweet. And, the current numbers are that we're supposed to drink 1/2 our body weight in water every day. 64 oz is good if you weigh 128 pounds, but if you weigh 150, you should drink 75 oz.

    For info on hypercoagulation, you can do a message search here or do a search in the Library. I was going to add my limited knowledge here, but realized I don't know it well enough. :)
  7. PatPalmer

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    several reasons for this:- So have bumped up a short article for you.

    If your lemonade has a high sugar or nutrasweet content, both are like poison on an already compromised system.
    It will be struggling to eliminate instead of getting on with healing.
    So it doesn`t count as water...

    Only water & pure unrefined salt can provide the electrolites needed to make energy and keep the system finely balanced - chucking processed crap, refined sugar, and diet drinks etc down is not what it needs right now.

    Only food & drink as nature intended works.

    Try the water & salt for a few days - & see how it is then.
    I`d love to know if it doesn`t work?

    Digestive Enzymes on an empty tum also help in clearing the blood.

    Love Pat.

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  8. Dukate

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    Hi Kathi, what you need to do is get off our feet for acouple days now, allavate lets on a low pillow and rest. You overdid it and the only way to undo most of it is to rest. I do the same thing over and over. I know when I should stop but get stubborn with myself. I think the hardest thing for us to do is realize where our boundaries are and stay to them. I hope you have some pain meds. from your doctor that helps. I buy Arnica Gel from the health food store and rub it on any sore spots and it helps a lot. It some from the Arna Flora plant and is safe to use. It will help those sore spots, neck, shoulders, arms, feet, knees. When my hips get to bad I go to my orthopedic dr. and get cortison injection into bursa sac and that helps for months. They don't like to give them to close together but when I can't get one foot in front of the other I know its time to get the shots. Also in my lower back. Usually about twice a year. Every little bit helps.

    good luck, Irene
  9. sumbuni

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    Standing or walking for hours sets my feet on fire, my legs get weak, (almost like trying to walk on someone else's legs! They don't really want to cooperate!) Muscle cramps in the calves of my legs...pain (as weird as it may sound) seem to start at the top of my head and go straight down my back side and into the bottoms of my feet. I also don't drink enough water, and have a potassium deficiency.


    Knowing everyone else has it doesnt comfort much...but i guess it does let you know where all the weird stuff is coming from!
  10. RENA0909

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    I also suffer from this horrible symptom.
    The way i describe it is like running a marathon and then trying to stop running but your legs WONT STOP!!!
    I have to sit all the time when its really bad,No marathons for us lot then LOL
    I also have restless legs and cramp in calves and have I to sleep a LOT!!
    Hope you feel beeter soon
    RENA UK[This Message was Edited on 08/10/2003]
  11. kar1953

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    You have all been so helpful with this leg thing I've got goin on. I am contacting my doc on Mon. & am going to ask him about testing for hypercoagulation. After doing a search & reading up on this condition, I am just about convinced that Pat is right & this is most of my problem.

    Pat, I do not eat sugar & will stay away from the sweeteners as much as I can. Will try the water w/sea salt & see if that helps. I'll post again in a few days & let you know if it helped.

    I do sit w/legs elevated in the evenings & during day when I can. I also take nape - just woke up a little bit ago.

    Thanks again for all the suggestions & support. I truely do appreciate it.

    Take care......Kathi
  12. Jackie41

    Jackie41 Member

    My legs get tired very easily when I walk very far. This has been going on for a year. I had a big neuro workup and it found nothing. It's just part of the disease of fibro. Some have it worse than others. My problem is that walking tires my legs but the exercise of walking is beneficial. What I've been doing for the last several months is, if I know I'm going to walk for any distance, I use two forearm crutches for support. I can walk much farther, and get some exercise to boot, and I feel very secure and have not fallen with the crutches. At, home, if I don't need them, I don't use them. I tried canes, but they are not stable and your arms have to work very hard to get any support from them. A walker is too clumsy for me, especially on steps. The underarm crutches are hard on the arms. The trick is to use a natural gait where the left crutch goes foreward at the same time as the right leg and vice versa. This is the natural way the arms swing when we walk. The mistake most people make is to put all their weight on the crutches and swing through, like you would with a broken leg. This is way too hard on the arms and very tiring.

    This is a solution that works very well for me, but many people are just too self-conscious to use crutches, even more so than with a walker or electric scooter. I am not sure why this is. Maybe someone out there could explain it to me. I was self conscious at first, since I'm fairly young and don't "look sick" (you've all heard that one!), but the embarrassment went away quickly once I realised how much it improved my quality of life. Otherwise I'd be spending too much time at home and would be practically an invalid. When I go out on crutches, I don't see it as being disabled. I see it as being abled. Having to stay home all the time for fear of my legs giving out is being disabled.


  13. kar1953

    kar1953 New Member

    Thanks for bumping up that article for me. I did find an article in this library by David Berg which was about the same thing. Very helpful.

    I've been drink water w/sea salt - as much as I can without floating. No difference yet, but will keep with it & give it a few days. Not sure how much a pinch is - should I taste the salt?

    Thanks again....Kathi
  14. wle

    wle New Member

    The worst thing for me is the tired, weak feeling in my legs. My legs ache teribbly if I do much walking at all. In fact as a child I can remember my Mom rubbing my legs at night because they ached so much. They (my parents) passed it off as "growing pains". I now think that it was probably the FM way.......back then.
  15. jadibeler

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    This was probably my first FM complaint - when I was a kid. That and overwhelming fatigue. It was many years before I got a diagnosis and 30 years after that I still can't climb stairs or walk up even a slight incline without having to stop to let the pain drain out of my legs. I can relate to the mailbox - my driveway gate isn't all that far but it's downhill, there are days I can barely make it back to the house. If I had someone to dig the holes for me, I'd move the gate up closer to the house!

    I do know what my limits are but, other than moving into a one-story house, there's not much I can do about them. As for doing things we shouldn't, just because we want to, my philosophy is this: I've caused myself all this pain all my life by working, waiting on others, being a caregiver, with no choise in the matter. If I'm going to cause the pain by doing something I WANT to do, for myself, so be it. One "friend" scoffed "you can't be in that much pain, I've seen you dance." True, but she didn't see the pain screaming in my legs half-way through the dance or notice that I could barely walk back off the floor. But I was having fun, for a change, and the pain was worth it, also "for a change"! (that was a good many years ago - haven't been dancing in years)

  16. PatPalmer

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    It`s up to you how much a pinch is, 1/4 tsp is only really a minimum figure.

    It`s impossible to have too much, the body simply discards what it doesn`t need much in the same way as Vit C.

    It`s been swealtering hot here (101 fh) yesterday, I was drinking like a fish and god knows how much salt I had - just kept chucking it in everything going...
    The book says you can need up to a whole teaspoon a day if it`s hot.

    Kathi, I really hope this helps you, it may take a little longer, but if this works it will undoubtly deal with a lot of other issues too. Healthy blood = healthy bod.

    Do you have raw garlic? This is a fantastic blood correcting agent, as well as antiviral/bacterial & fungal.

    The minimum of a clove a day chopped up & added at the last minute with whatever you happen to be eating is best.

    Good luck & keep with it.

    Love Pat.
  17. kar1953

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    I called my doc yesterday & couldn't get in till the 19th. Then this morning got a call that someone cancelled tomorrow morning so I will go then. Trying to get together everything I need to go over w/him. Hypercoagulation will be one, along with the severe leg fatigue + a few other complaints!!

    Pat, I do use A LOT of garlic when cooking - raise it in my garden so it is fresh whenever I need it. I will try adding it at the last minute to reap the benefits. And, I am drinking my salt water - 34oz. so far today & I'm on my way up to get another 16oz. glass. According to the half my weight in oz. theory I should drink 65oz. per day.

    That shouldn't be too hard until school starts back up. Then I can't drink too much during the day cause once I get in the bus in the afternoon it's 3 1/2 hrs. till I get home - & then no one had better be in the path to the bathroom! lol

    I'll let you know what doc said when I get home tomorrow.

    Take care all & thanks for caring......Kathi
  18. Kim

    Kim New Member

    The suggestion to drink more water is great. But remember sodium and potassium balance one another. If your potassium is low you don't want to eat too much salt until you've correct the potassium.

    The other thing is nutrasweet is probably worse for you than sugar. Can you make your own lemonade and use Splenda? That might be a better choice.

    Light stretching, hot tub, massage therapy, and careful attention to proper footware might help. Have your husband massage your legs with unscented almond oil. It feels wonderful and makes your skin so soft.

    My legs have been feeling very heavy lately. I think it's because I stopped stretching before walking or that I'm not drinking enough H2O.

    Best wishes,

  19. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    Eat a Banana...
  20. kar1953

    kar1953 New Member

    I already take a potassium supplement daily. Bananas are a great source but very high in carbs & I'm on lo carb diet.

    Kim, I already purchased fresh lemons to make my own lemonade & was planning to sweeten it with Splenda. Great minds think alike, eh? lol

    Take care....kathi