What to do about symptoms that are keep changing

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. rosemarie

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    Something strange is happening to my body and I don't understand why is happening to me. I will try and explain this feeling when it , and what is haapenig one.Sppru fpr not being able to discuss what is happenis to my body. I just hurt more than usual I will try to expalin what has and his going on ewith y pain fulled bodyl
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    I think Fibro is hard to explain, because the pain and the feeling's change over the course of time. Whether it's pain increase/decrease, tiredness, tired but can't sleep, the foggy feeling in our brains, forgetfullness, etc., etc.,

    I'm going through a bad flare, mostly due to weather changing every day. And of course, with holiday's, or anything in life...stress affects our bodies too.

    You're not alone. And it is hard to describe, especially to those not dealing with this.

    Take care. I'm thinking of you.

  3. Picklington

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    Hi Rosemarie,

    Sorry to hear that you are having this problem. It's very difficult when your symptoms are inconsistent and have no obvious common cause. I don't have the patience to use symptom trackers but I know that they are very helpful for some people to find out what triggers seemingly random symptoms. It is very difficult if the symptoms keep changing though.

    I hope that one day you realize it's ONE trigger causing all your widely-varying symptoms and you feel great once you eliminate that trigger. I know that sounds too good to be true, but I've heard of a lot of cases where that does happen. Some people suffer from pain, breathing problems, heart problems and digestive problems that all gradually lessen and go away when they completely eradicate mold/MSG/aspartame/caffeine/yeast/cigarette smoke/various heavy metals from their lives. So there is hope - it could happen to you. Hang in there and don't give up wondering what could have triggered that last flare and looking for a pattern!
  4. rosemarie

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    Last night the sound of the tap in the bathroom dripping sounded like a pattern that I could feel. I also noiiticed that at a recent family event when the kids got to playing and screams, laughing, the noise level was so high that I could hardly stand being in teh room with my own family and grandkids. O felt so irrated at my SIL's for not controling their grandkids and who was the dip that put whistles in a fun pack for the little ones to send thheir Auntie over the edge. I was ready to step on every last one . I really wanted to yell at them to shut up and stop it. It was causing me so much pain thru out my body, it is like I can feel the sound waves and it is not plesant and really cause's alot of pain for me. I don't know what to do or why this was hapening to me. I avoid attending church because of teh loud screaming children and babies. Is this just some thing wrong with me or do others feel it too. . I Never thought that pain could hit me out of the blue when it is a noise, sound waves ect. I can't deal with it any more. I feell so bad that I was so angry at the kids for blowing the darn wistles. We also had 5 babies under two there. So it was very LOUD.
    Thanks forl istening to me vent.
  5. TaniaF

    TaniaF Member

    I have a problem with noise - I get very hypersensitive to sounds and smells. My house has vaulted ceilings and I swear the noise gets louder and echos. Yes, the grandchildren playing and screaming is tough. I sometimes have to leave the room and go somewhere quiet to get my sanity back. I know exactly how you feel!

  6. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I don't smoke and not around any one who does very often, I don't drink soda with caffeine or aspartame, I dont' drink soda 99% of the time. I drink water at home and when we go out to eat. AS for the yeast part I don't think it really pertains alot to my case. , yes it could be the fillings in my teeth but I am up a creek there as I can't afford to fix the dental poroblems I have now let alone get rid of all my amallgam fillings. In the house we live in there is little molds I keep the bathroom where I saw some mold when we first moved in and I have kept it clean and dry as much as possialbe.
    I don't know if being with out a car and unable to go any where on my own has some thing to do with how I feel. The closest bus st op is three blocks away from my house and I live on the main street with no sidewalks.

    The weather has been too cold for me to walk that far and then ride a bus . get off and walk another two blocks to where I want to shop By the time I get to where I am going I am ready t o go home as my fatique has gotten so bad. My Dear hubby is wo rking hard to get my car fixed but it takes time and money and right now both are tight. He just started a new job that is an hour's drive both ways. He leaves for work at 6am and does not get home till after 6 pm and by then he is tired and it is dark out side.

    I live in another town from my daughters the closest is just 10 miles away but she works full time and takes care of my Mom and her two kids and husband so it is hard for her to find time to drive 10 miles away from home to pick me up and take me where I am going and then drive anotehr 10 miles back to my ouse and then another 10 to get her back to her house. I am way out of her way to do things.The other two daughters live further away so they can't just drive to Logan where I live at a moments notice and then drive an hour to an hour and a half back to their home. SO I am starting to think it is being alone and feeling stuck here with out any way to get out and do some thing for me. I don't want to sound selfish or any thing like that.

    I know that in a month or so I will have a car to drive again but until then I am suffering from cabin fever. and being alone all the time. I have a lot of stress's and feel like I am not doing my part in taking care of my Mom , she slipped on sunday and hur her hand badly , the soft tissue is dammaged but no bones are broken. I am usually the one who takes her to the doctor , ect but with out a car It is left to my daughter as my sister does not do things like taking MOm to the ER. I have ben her sole help in getting to the doctor's office, up town, and any where she wanted to go. But now I live 10 miles away and temporaly don't have my car. So I feel like I am lettting her down and not doing my part in helping her . I hold her medical power of atterney and have done so for many years. I have gotten to know my mom better from taking her places and sitting with her in the hospital. So now I am having problems with my fibro and my symptoms keep changeing. I get so fatiqued and I have not done any thing to get that way. OUt weather has been strange this year no snow but still cold, it may be warmer in SLC and otehr towns but the valley I Live in stays quite cool during the days and cold at nights. I am jsut so tired of beign ti red and sick of acheing all over. My mind and body are not in sink with each other. and i think that is some of the problem also some is due to teh higher cost of my meds this month. All my meds are generic and they all hvae gone up in cost. To reduce some of the cost I have had to change pain meds on teh short acting ones . I can't afford to pay over $170 a month and still pay the bills I have. With my hubby starting a new job he is not able to help out at all as he is on a 90 day temparay posistion, untill he has worked 90 days he does not quaalify for insuracne and this company does not have a great insurance plan no dental, and on scripts. It is simialr to a cafiteria plan. where you put in X number of dollars each pay period and your medical expensce are takne out of what you have paid into the program. So my medicare advanced plan is better that his insurance will be. I stil have script coverage., my issue is that the company has changed teh tiers in which my scripts fit into.

    They have gone from a tier one to a teir three, going up in cost from $5.00 to $ 44.00 amonth. I sitll pay less for my meds than he does or will once his plan is up and going.

    HE has to pay for his insuin pump , test strips, and other suppies out of pocket and does not get reembursed. His insulin also costs more than my scripts do. Just one vial is $130.00 and he uses up to 5 in month.

    So I am trying to stop feeling sorry for my self when it comes to the cost of my meds. I Know that others pay alot more than me and I don't know how they do it. I just learned that I do not qualify for any extra help from SSI due to teh combined income of my husband and I together. There is nothing I can do about it or change it. So I will drop the subject from now on. I am going to have to learn how to deal with my situation as it is. and it is really hard do to when your used to doing and going places when ever you want to and suddenluy your not able to do that. I feel like I have lost my independance and have to depend on my husband more than ever. I don't feel that I can ask him to drive me to town after he has driven two extra hours every day. Sorry for all the complaining. I don't have it as bad as other people do. I know that I will feel better once I adjust to life as it is now. Thank you for l istening to me.

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