What to do I wish I knew I just hurt like never before

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Feb 17, 2006.

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    I am still home alone as my hubby has gone off to a falconer's convention. And even thought I am 50 as of today,I don't like being home alone.

    So today I went to the store and tried to make sure that the things I had bought yesterday really did fit . And they did. I then went to Walmart and the person who was handing out carts looked at me and asked me if I needed the electric cart and with my knees feeling like they were going to no want to stay working it sounded really good to me.

    I didn't reliese that the flooring has many lumps and bumbs and I felt each and every one of them as they sent a shock up and into my spine and it just was getting worse and worse for me,But as I needed to do some shopping I kept using this cart and now I am paying for it. What I thought would be a easy ride was not and it was so very painfull almost to tears.

    I wasa trying to push the pain out of my mind . YOu know mind over PAIN. But it was not working for me at all. AS this pain was creeping up my lower back and making it feel like I had been rear ended by a large truck and the pain was so bad that it was all I could do not to cry.

    I don't understand what is happening to me? I have used the cart before but never have felt like this before. I want to cry as this pain has surpassed the pain scale of 1-10 and mine is and 12+. But what can I do? And why is this happening to me now? I am so stiff and sore all over and feel like I have been pushed in to the ground and then pulled out again. What is going on with my body? Why am I feeling so much pain and why won't it leave and let me rest?

    I went to Dillards to get the bra extenders but they didn't have them so I found them at walmart. I am wondering whay I am in so mcuh apin this weekend? Is is not like my hubby has not called me each night and tole me just how much he loves me and that really makes me feel so loved and happy. But what I don't underand is why the pain is gettingh worse and worse and do not underatnd what I have been doing wrong .

    WHy do i hurt so mcuh and in so much pain and i want to just a day one day where my pain is not so bad as it is now, My legs are feel like tjeuy are always hurting andgetting to stilff. zI really want to have my body back is failing me and me to be able to do what I did once apon a time.
    Yes it really sounds like a fairy tail I want to be allbe to be the perosn I was, the one who had a fun time ewalking and playing with family and living life to the fulest just as I did once
    a pon a time. Life is not as eassy as it once did,

    Just as I am not as the oerson I was years sa go I still remember when I was younger.

    Hugs ot all,
  2. 69mach1

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    maybe because you do not have your hubby home to give off some good endorphines for you...it makes you feel the pain more...i

    i feel like whene i was married i may not felt the pain as much but yet i know my mri's are telling me my spine is worse...and so on....

    when was separated and divorcing had no bf's i was feeling the fatigue and pain alot...i think i had moments of some relief of pain...

    well take care of yourself

  3. hdbubblehead

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    I will say some prayers for you and hope you get relief today.
    I too miss my active lifestyle. I look too young to feel so old. I am grateful we don't live in the days of Noah.
    (900 yrs.plus) now, thats old!
    How did they do it?

    **sounds like your going through alot right now so be real good to yourself. Trust GOD for everything you need.
    ( i can relate because Iam nearly bed riden from Spondylosis disease and spinal cord injuries) its no fun not to be able to "play" like we used to.

    sending lots of love your way......
    if you read the Bible... read psalms to help your spirit lift, and know that we all care & are thinking of you.
  4. kbak

    kbak Member

    I am so sorry your in such pain!!! When the pain gets over the top like that, I know it's so hard to control. I don't have a magic answer, wish I did. Maybe a hot bath and a heating pad, any little thing that might do a little good. Hope you get to feeling better quick! Sorry you didn't have a better B-day.



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