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    I have had the same doctor for the last five years and she has diag. me for chronic pain,chronic depression,hep c,and i have filed for ssi,i am eligible to recieve supplemental security income and just got a call weeks ago that i will be represented by Jenkins & Block.Well,they wanted info from my doc,and my doc encouraged me years ago to apply,and now she isnt giving info to help me in my case,she is only making things worse,she sent me to a pain specilist last week because she is getting worried about my pain meds.Anyway does anyone know if there is anything i can do to improve my chances in court?My court date is the first week of March,I will write the doc and also see if the pain specialist will write a letter saying i cant work and all,but my regular doctor sure took a turn on me,hell i havent worked in ten years and she is getting ready to ruin my case all of a sudden,i cant believe this...
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    legally the records your Dr keeps on you are yours for the asking - you may have to pay a small fee for them to make copies, but your Dr has to give them to you

    did she give you any reason as to why she is not wanting to cooperate, esp after she urged you to do this?

    also, do you have any friends, family members, etc who would be willing to testify (in writing and/or in person) as to how your health has impacted you life? though the Drs info is considered the most important, the more people and/or documents you get backing you up, the better
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  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    attorney subpoena the medical records? Have you discussed this
    w/ your attorney?

    Good luck

  4. timmy2

    timmy2 New Member

    Thank you both for your replies,i will talk to my attorney ,i guess i was stressing so much i couldnt think straight,but you have both given me some hope.Thank you so much.

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