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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bphayes, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. bphayes

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    hey everyone...sorry i haven't posted in a while but when u raise three kids and work and deal with fibro, i know you all understand. i went to new DR yesterday...she confirmed the fibro and put me on elavil. well...i had planned to go away for the weekend, get away from the house, the county..all of it and just have a good time. i just don't know if i should go...the drive there is 2 hours. its a meet and greet party for a chatroom i go too alot. i really wanna get outta the house. i think i will do it and pay for it later. ....
  2. smiffy79

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    you can still pace your self and have fun! arrive early so you can take time out and grab a snooze!
    you will have a great time just remember to take care of you self and the following day take it easy and pamper yourself.

    what to do? HAVE FUN
  3. bphayes

    bphayes New Member

    i am going....take it easy, take my meds. i don't know what is worse, not knowing what is wrong or knowing what is wrong and nothing u can do about it....
  4. Cromwell

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    lOVE aNNE
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    I always pay for it later. I feel a bit better and start to catch up on things or do something for 'fun' and then flash right back into a flare. You take it real easy at a nice pace and hopefully all will go well.