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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Trisapa, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Trisapa

    Trisapa New Member

    Hello all! I am new here. I have been having symptoms
    for 6 years and don't know what to do anymore.
    Doctots tell me that I have fibro but some of
    my symptoms are not common to fibro. I have been tested for ms lupus,
    thyroid, diabetes, and arthritis. My symptons are the following.
    I do have tender spots, I have bad leg pain and sciatica, I ahve very bad foot pain ( top of my feet) that has driving a car pure hell, I have pain in my hands and they swell up right below the thumb and my veins turn VERY puple,
    I have dizzy spells as well. Any ideas? I am so sick of this :-(
    The only drug I take is amatriptyline. Of I left out that I have bad knee pain as well! Sorry its such a long list! Thanks for any advice!
  2. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    hi welcome

    There is nothing cut and dryed about this dd. Everything you described screams fibro!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Being tested for everything under the sun.

    I hope you have a good doc for this. Its very indiviual on meds working or not.

    The best thing was finding this board and reading. lots of good advice.

    hope this helps im a bit brainfogged(do you have this)so i cant say what Id like!
  3. Trisapa

    Trisapa New Member

    Hi and thanks for your reply!
    Oh yes I get brainfog!
    IN fact today I set a paper on top of a tealight
    candle and poof up it went in smoke!
    I do not see a special kind of doctor.
    What kind should I be seeing? This foot and leg pain is so painful!
    I was told the hanf pain and foot pain is not a fibro
    system. I get so confused!My legs cramp up so bad they feel
    like they are going to explode!
  4. masterz

    masterz New Member

    Your symptoms sound alot like mine. I have been diagnosed with fibro/CFS for 11+ yrs. But have had symptoms for yrs before that. I tried to keep working, I'm a RN. I went to part-time, then as needed. I finally had to face the fact that I just couldn't work. Was calling in so much, I was ashamed. I don't think my boss believes in fibro, because she would get very ugly with me.
    I understand it is difficult for those who don't have it to understand but they could at least educate themselves & try to understand. I always say,"I don't want sympathy, just understanding." Big difference between the two.
    I have a bad knee also. The ortho surgeon told me that part of my knee & femur bone is dead due to lack of blood supply. He doesn't want to operate until the bone begins to crumble!!??? sounds awful. He also told me to get my fibro under control. Well wouldn't that be nice??
    I take quite a few meds. I haven't had any luck with anti-depressants--too many side effects. I do take pain killers & muscle relaxers & xanax. I don't know how I would make it without those meds.
    I have been tested time & time again for lupus. Some of my tests come back high-positive & some borderline. They are putting off making an official diagnosis because it's so complicated. But I've had two docs tell me they absolutely believe I have lupus. I am put on steroids sometimes, but I HATE them. Make me feel awful---I swell up terrible & just feel horrible. Plus they really make me irritable.
    I hope you have a good doc. If not, please try to find one. That is so important. Make a list of all your symptoms & just be honest.
    I'll be praying & sending good thoughts your way.
    Love & gentle hugs!!!
  5. Trisapa

    Trisapa New Member

    Thanks for your kind words!
    Do your hands hurt as well?
    The same place as mine? My doctor is nice
    but she doesn't know how to treat it.
    What kind of doctor should I look for?
    I am to start PT for my knee. I don't see how it will work.
    It sure as heck didn't help with my sciatica.
    This gets very old :-(
    I get no support from anyone.
    Just because I don't look sick doesn't mean I feel well.
    My doctor did say she would not put me on
    some of the newer drugs for fibro because they have to many side effects.
    The amitriptilyne does help me sleep and I am on a low dose so I have no side effects at all. Well its killing my hand to type. Thanks again! Trisa

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