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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sunnyslumber, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. sunnyslumber

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    Hi Everyone,

    It's me again! For those who don't know my situation, I'm still waiting on disability claims. More importantly perhaps; one of my parents is very ill (not with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome like me, something different) and they fight all the time in a pretty small house. A lot of screaming and yelling. I'm just so run down from this, whenever I have hope regarding CFS my family ends up tearing itself apart and stressing me out to an extent that I can only describe as really terrible.

    So it's hard to keep hope, even though I know I need to. Even though sick and therefore I should be understanding, I can't help but feel at times that one would just go away, even die since it is so overwhelming to take all of this family drama always threatening to erupt at any time. Also I have no friends or relatives where I live nor near where I live.

    Has anyone had a similar situation? I don't really know what to do. It feels like my heart or lungs are being crushed sometimes during and after this large and very angry arguments. Of course that isn't happening, but by the feeling of it whatever is happening can't be that good at all.

    I am sort of surprised that none of the neighbors have called the police, but there is a little bit of seperation between houses so maybe they just don't hear it. What would you do? I feel completely sequezed in a vise by this situation. I keep thinking, if only I wasn't sick, but of course that isn't really a solution but more just another complaint.

    Can anyone relate or give advise? My parents are far past listening to me. What should I do?

    Thanks Everyone,


    ps if you think I am handling this in a poor way go ahead and tell me, preferably also with why and how. I feel awful having to depend on this people financially but what else can I do?
  2. rockgor

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    I believe some therapist would recommend Skillet Therapy in this
    case. Just bonk each parent over the head until they quiet down.
    Note: Check local laws. I believe there are a few states where this
    is not allowed.

    Really, the only thing you can do is distance yourself from them until
    you are able to move out. Go to the library. Go to your room. Listen
    with headphones. Refuse to get involved in their dysfunctional behavior.

    Don't let them draw you into their quarrels.

    The healthy, happy, wholesome families portrayed by Norman Rockwell
    and "Life With Father" are pretty elusive in real life.

    Good luck
  3. FibroFay

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    I agree with the others. You need to find a way to get away from this craziness. They aren't going to change. If anything, the situation will get worse.

    Do you have other relatives, someone you could room with? You may have to plan carefully for when your disability comes through. If you had someone to share the rent, you could probably afford it. (I'm assuming finances are an issue).

    Until you can get out of there, take care of yourself. Make your room your haven. Lock the door, turn up your music, go on your puter, whatever it takes to escape the fighting. And, if things should get too far out of hand and you know of domestic violence, call the police!

    I grew up in this very same enviroment. You don't need this. It will be with you for life. Good luck. And let us know how you are.


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