what to eat/not eat ??

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by teal, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. teal

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    I have been trying to figure out the food since last december. was told no white flour, no sugars only fructose, no white rice, make sure boxed things made with whole wheat, no fried food. How in the world do you brown hamburger without frying it?
    I have tried changeing recipes with terrible results. Thankfully my husband eats what i cook but...
  2. joyfully

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    The diet I'm on allows you to brown meats. i think that the recipes mean that they don't want you buying fatty meats, or deep frying meats, or frying in 1 1/2 inches of grease.
    I don't know which diet you are referring to but-
    I purchase 90 or 93% lean ground sirloin and ADD a couple of tablespoons full of canola oil to it when I'm making hamburgers. Canola and olive oil are OK on the South Beach Diet. They don't have the bad stuff in them that negatively affects your cholesterol levels. They slow down the digestive processes, reduce the bad cholesterol, and make you feel fuller longer.

    After the ground meat has been browned, I drain off any bits of grease on the bottom of the pan. Then I make my spaghetti sauce, or whatever. I use the whole grained pasta because it isn't one of the high complex carbohydrates that the refined white wheat is.

    I make sure my pan is hot before adding any oil if I'm browning a solid piece of meat. Then I add the olive/canola oil after the pan is hot ,and sear/brown the meat on all sides. Then I stick it in the oven-if appropriate.

  3. teal

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    sorry. type 2 diabetes. it is hard to find wheat products in this town, and the grocery stores will not make special orders. I have found a place on the internet for whole wheat pastas, but now need to contact them for a mail order form.

    Thank you for your help.
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    I have heard follow the "no flour, no sugar" diet. You can not eat anything made with/containing flour or sugar.

    Flour and sugar contain carbs which raise your glucose.

    You can eat meat, vegetables, and fruit. Fruit has your natural sugars, but not as bad as other sugar.

    Does this make sense?
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    Maybe you could get a copy of the Atkins Diet from your library - it explains about eating complex carbs [whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice] that keep your blood sugar on a more even keel.
    I've been using a modified version to lose weight and I haven't drastically changed my cooking. If anything, it's simplified it - for dinner I fix meat [I eat a lot of chicken - baked, poached, oven fried], a high-fiber veggie like broccoli with cheese sauce, and a salad. I eat oatmeal almost every morning with walnuts and sugar-free syrup [with Sucralose/Splenda NOT aspartame].
    Snacks are nuts, cheese, peanut butter, apples, and sometimes Breyer's CarbSmart ice cream [when it's on sale!]
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    Re: the peanut butter. I'm on the south Beach Diet. The peanut butter you should use is the old fashioned peanut butter that is nothing but ground up peanuts and salt.

    The first time i open the jar, i pour out the excess oil that floats to the top.

    When you purchase "regular" peanut butter, there are a whole bunch of things in it that aren't good for you or your diet! It is overprocessed and not good for you. Please consider switching to the "old fashioned" kind. Joyfully