What to expect at a *Diagnostic* exam for Fibro???

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    Ok, I finally found a local Rheumatologist who will *Examine and Diagnose* me for FMS, but will not treat me. My PCP has to do the treatment. I am fine with that, even though I don't have a PCP at present...mine left and they have not reassigned me yet.

    What sort of things can I expect at this exam? I know that he will most likely do the Tender Point thingy, but what else will he be looking for?

    I plan on taking in a printed up list of all my symptoms, and a note from my Therapist about her DX. She is nearly positive I have FMS, which is why I am pursuing this in the first place.

    At present, I am only having mild symptoms, but have in the past had them severe enough, that I could barely walk, let alone work, as I am doing now.

    Any input, thoughts, etc., would be truly appreciated. I want as few needles involved as possible.<I Do NOT do needles well>

    Thank you and many blessings to all,
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    I am interested in hearing how you make out. I am in the same boat and will go to a rhumatologist next month. It is difficult to get appointments. I know they do the tender points thing but not sure what else. I also wonder if there is an effective treatment. I have never really found a good perscription for the pain. I also loath the side effects of all those new arthritis meds.
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    Hi RhainyC,
    A good rheumatologist will do some bloodwork to rule out diseases like lupus and RA, and to get a baseline. He will also do the tender point "test" and a good physical exam.

    My questions is, why are you seeing a rheumatologist if he's not going to treat you? There are effective treatments that work for some ... trigger point injections, for example ... and meds that can ease your symptoms. My PCP would rather I see the rheumy for my fibro, but he gets copies of everything.

    When is your appointment? Let us all know how it goes.

    Jan ^v^
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    I am seeing a Rhuemy who will not treat me because no one else out in our Boondocks County does _Anything_ with FMS. Basically his office told me, he will DX me, but my PCP will have to treat me. I plan on finding out which docs in the county my Therapist's pts are seeing and trying to get into one of them, unless my PCP is familiar with and willing to treat me for the FMS, if that is truly what I have.

    I have had all the bloodowork, for stuff, but it has been a couple of years ago, so I will be expecting that. I have never had an MRI or CATScan for anything, nothing ever really required it...not sure how I will do as I am a bit claustrophobic <shudders>

    As for treatment, I will not be able to tolerate the tender point injections. I have heard they hurt worse for the first few days, and I cannot stand needles as it is.

    I know I have several of the Tender Points, and plan on having my hubby do a *Home* exam of them, to get a handle on which ones appear to be my usual ones.

    The other thing that is worrying me, is the fact that I was having a horrible time about 2 years ago, and my symptoms have mellowed out now. They are by no means gone...but are more bareable at this time. How the heck is that going to look when I tell the doc??? I know that I was nearly incapable of walking two years ago, and have witnesses to that even...but now despite the pain and fatigue, which is getting worse lately again, I work full time. I only work because I _HAVE_ to or we would lose our house etc. If I ever get on SSDI, that small financial income would make the difference and I would not have to work.

    Thanks for all the input and keep it coming...I need all the emotional support I can get...most folks around here have never even heard of FMS, let alone know what it means to have it.

    Blessings and many thanks,

    I am praying that they do not do the needles in the fingers and such thing again. I had that with a wrist injury, and it hurt too much to even think about doing agian. <DOUBLE SHUDDER>
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    I filled out a questionairre about my symptoms and problems. He asked me a lot of questions, did a limited physical exam and then tender point exam.

    That was pretty much it. I'd never heard of FMS until he said those words!

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    The test Aquarose is talking about when she said electricity /needle thing is EMG. One part is with needles and the other is shock. If you elect to have this test done please read my post on EMG. This test is extremely painful to some people. I had the most awful experience having this test done. I will never, ever do it again without taking something to relax me. I have never been the same since having this test done. Please keep in mind that everyone is different. What pains me may not pain you. I do not intend to scare you. Just want you to know that you could take something to relax you for this test. I was not given a choice. I believe in having all the various test done to rule out other illnesses. I want to know exactly what is going on with me. I hate this DD and the new me. Hope you get all the answers you need. Take care.
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    All I have to say is OUCH! They poke at all those pressure points and MAN once you poke them that hard they just keep on hurting! And he asked me a thousand questions- if I had such and such a symptom that at that time I had not heard of. And he bent me all over the place- tesing out my double jointedness. He asked questions about my family history (Dad has FMS) and discussed by blood work (high white blood cell count). And Viola I have FMS, thank you very much, have a nice life. That was it.
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    i had been suffering so bad since the fourth of july weekend with pain and fatigue. my appt w/the rheumy was on 8/18..and guess what? i woke up feeling GREAT!! i think the fact that our vicious humidity had dropped had something to do with it.
    but i kept my appt and lo and behold--he tested me for only 14 tender points and i reacted only to six and so he told me it was all in my head and to get treatment for depression. my prior symptoms and pain/fatigue journal and the fact that my mother has FM didn't matter to him.
    so here i sit today in incredible pain and i'd love to show up on his doorstep and say 'CHECK ME NOW YOU JERK!'.
    sorry, i'm just frustrated.
    please remember that it is NOT IN YOUR HEAD! and don't give up no matter what he may or may not say.
    good luck sweetie..cyndy