what to expect at the rheumy.s

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    I"m suppose to go to a rheumy this next week, and I just wonder what I can sort of expect as far as test go, I know the nurse/p said he would probably want to run his own blood test on me , can anyone tell me what they experienced when they went. Its a control thing with me. If I know kinda what to expect I won"t feel so overwhelmed.

    Thanks ,Sixtyslady
  2. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    a poke and a prod they call the tenderpoint test, then don't let the door hit your a*sterisk on the way out.

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    My rheumatologist takes care of me for FM/CFS and at each visit he draws blood in the office. Then he will 'interview' me by asking a series of questions. Then he puts me on the table and moves my arms and legs all over the place. Then he will feel my abdomen: pressing here and there. Then he will make some kind of suggestion or tell me how I am doing based on that one visit and he will write four prescriptions.

    That is my experience. Good luck to you.

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    I am thinking of seeing a rheumatologist and wonder this too.