what to expect from a neurologist???

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    I am scheduled to meet with a neurologist tomorrow. What' your experience with neurologists? I hope he will be open to various options, instead of prescribing the medication. I was diagnosed with FM two months ago by a rheumatologist who prescribed me Flexerol and some mild version of antidepressant. I trid both, hated what they did to me - got me moody, even more tired and these were really low doses - and I decided to try to find something that treats the causes of FM and not the symptomps. Vitamins, herbs, exercise, acupunture, reflexology and healthy diet seem to be helping a bit, but I want to try see if there is some treatment to manage my body - i.e. what may make me sick (Meyer's cocktail, the ATP shots).

    If anybody is in D.C. and works with a good doctor, pls let me know.

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    for about one month. As I do so many things (minerals, vitamins, change of diet, etc.) I really cannot tell what is helping. Perhaps I should give a chance to acupunture on a long term basis. How long is it recommended to do an acupnture to have some long term benefit - anybody knows? I have also been drinking a herb tea prescribed by my Chinese acupunturist, again, hard to tell whether it was helping.