what to expect from pain center, please help

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    Hi,I am on the board alot.I mostly read the posts and I do get alot of helpful info from everybody.I was wondering what to expect from pain center.I have an appointment for may.6. They sent me lots of paperwork to fill out.And the papers say I will be there about 5hrs for my first appointment.That I will have a evaluation and a orientaion that day.I have to do those two things and then I will get a appt with the doctor.I was wondering after going through all that would it be worth it..What kind of meds to expect and the treatments they use...
    Thanks and God Bless Everyone
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    I think this is a question I would like to hear answered also. I might be facing this soon. I have reached the limits of what my physician is comfortable with. So I, too, would appreciate any responses.

  3. JLH

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    I spent about 20 minutes filling out forms in the lobby before I saw the doctor. I brought copies of my CT scans with me for the doc to review. The doctor spent about 20 minutes with me. Short exam and talked. She gave me Darvocet for pain and said that was it--she didn't give anything stronger for fibro because narcotics did not help, and sent me to physical therapy.

    Funny that she concentrated on the fibro part, and I was really there due to the extreme pain in my neck and back caused from spinal stenosis, pinched nerved, degenerative disk disease (arthritis), etc. in my neck and back!

    The Darvocet did not help. The next visit, I requested that she put me on Neurotin for the nerve pain in my neck and back. She said OK, and it has worked wonders for the pain!!!!! A hundred times better than any narcotic pain pill!!
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    I was first sent to a neurologist(sp) and that appointment took a couple of hours. But, that was when I was first diagnosed.
    When I finally got sent to the pain consultant there were quite a few papers to fill out and then a conversation with the pain management doc. Other than that, it's the only experience I've had with them. Now, that I've been going to him for a few years, I see him every 3 months for about 15-20 minutes and that's it, till next time. Always have to fill out a page of how I'm feeling, how much do I think this treatment plan is helping and general questions like that. He looks at that, writes the prescriptions and I'm on my way. Hope maybe this might help a little.
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    My family doc went for the darvocet. When I kept complaining he sent me to a pain management consultant. I take morphine, roxicodone, neurotin, lodine, and various other meds. I can't believe that she would ONLY give you darvocet. Wow
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    Going on 5 months since my 1st visit to PM. My 1st appt. took only 2 hours, I too, had to fill out so much paperwork, and any X-Rays from past 2 years since I have never had an MRI at this point he ordered one before my visit.. I was scared at first,, just because I have had ao many bad experiences with my Family Dr. I was taking methadone at the time of my visit, (From methadone clinic). I thought that the dr would frown upon this, since meth clinics are usually associated with addicts, eventhough it is a real good pain med.but it was the total opposite, he understood the reason that I had to result in going there. My Reg Dr. cut me off of my pain meds cold turkey, because the x-rays didn't show anything wrong with me.

    I also had to sign a form that says I will not seek treatment from any other Dr without first contacting him. I also signed a waiver to submit to drug screening. He ended up giving me vioxx lidoderm patches, and kadian(time release morphine).

    I hope things go well with you,


    He ended up

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    Thanks everyone..I thought about that too..Weeding out drug seekers..Thats too much to go through for drugies.As everyone knows after youve been diagnosed for 3 yrs youve tried just about everything else, so I thought it might be worth a try..The doc I have now only gives me 30 lortab 7.5 a month..I am so not getting enough pain relief at all..
  9. dolsgirl

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    it was just tons of medication. No resolution for any length of time for pain relief. I'd rather be in control of my life than be useless and medicated. The pain is never gone even with narcotics. dolsgirl
  10. Mikie

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    That the more questions they ask and the more tests they run, and the more time they spend, it usually means they are more effective at helping. This isn't an absolute, but a good rule of thumb for me.

    Love, Mikie
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    my experience was horrendous...please click on my profile to archive my post...I am one of MANY on this board who had a terrible time - being labeled a manipulating drug addict who didn't want to get better! And this was after a car accident, 3 bulging disc's and diagnosis of FM and Chronic Myofascial Pain! Pain Clinic's are geared to help someone recover through physical therapy...most don't understand FM and the chronic symptoms...
    Good Luck to you - i hope your experience is not like mine! I was traumatized...
    With Love,
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    I started seeing a pain specialist about a year ago. Until then, I felt like a drug seeker. I have fibromyalgia, and as you all know, your Drs. can leave you feeling pretty low and like a drug seeker. This PAIN SPECIALIST right away let me know he believed me and in me.I took him my records and Xrays ect. We talked about fibro and the best way to go. I am on methadone(30mgs.) a day.I see him every 2 mo. Just to keep him uo to date on my condition. I like him. He also a little younger, and I THINK HE HAS A BETTER OUTLOOK ON PAIN MANAGMENT.He will work with me and listens to my pain.
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    It all depends on what is wrong with you. I have fibro/cfs, but I also have cervial and lumbar problems because I was hit by a truch while walking. The 5 hour evaluation is a bit unusual but good. I get pain meds there and get epidurals in my neck and trigger shots for the tender points from the fibro. They may send you to physical therapy and instruct you on exercises that will help you. I have learned bio-feed back, meditation, thia chi, and strecthing techniques. They can be very helpful with the right doctor and with my experience they are all pretty good because pain is the speciality. Good luck and let us know what happens. Sis