What to expect re: Lawyers?????? HELP!

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  1. shoshi68

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    how long is it okay to wait for a retun phone call from an attorney?

    Yesterday at 9:30 am - I called an attorney, to help me with ssdi, and I haven't gotten a return call yet. How long should I wait, should I consider looking elswhere?

    I haven't hired anyone yet and really need to get the show on the road. with the long wait, i think i had better file asap.

    If this isn't a good sign, can anyone reccomend(sp)a good attorney?

    thanks in advance,
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  2. leenielew2

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    Hi Shoshi,
    I haven't filed, yet. did you file or are you getting an attorney, right away. Keep me informed. I hace been in denial but haven't worked in 1 1/2 years. Now they diagnosed me w/ Mitra Valve Regurgitation on top of FMS, Sleep disorder, arthritis, degenerative disk/joint disease, etc~~~~~~. Where do you live? I have my feelers out for a good SSD Attorney and will let you know. I live both in PA and Fla. I can't handle cold weather, anymore.
    God Bless,
  3. shoshi68

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    Thanks for your response. I live in so calif. I haven't yet filed, I was hoping to get an attorney first. many SSDI attorneys do work nationwide. I was hoping to get this done asap. hopefully more people will reply.

    Oh! Leenie, you really shouldn't put your e-mail adress on the board- check MIKIE'S Posts on the matter.

    All the best,
  4. shoshi68

    shoshi68 New Member

    come on y'all- i really need your help here!
  5. Candlewick

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    Hi leenie: There is a great, well known, fibro attorney based in Phoenix who does nationwide representation for fibro patients. He also is quoted and has books out how to win your case. His name is Att Scott Harris and is office group specializes in fibro SSDI- he is a speaker at alot of conferences. He should come up under SSDI attorney in search. I got SSDI by myself the first time- because I read in the Social Security Disability site for DRS what they are looking for to approve SSDI for fibro- one of the main things is get a psychiatrist to evaluate depression and anxiety and gather records from all your DRs. I researched the internet , kept a pain journal, and made sure my Drs. documented my pain levels and kept my charts in their chart. That way when they send in their part they have notes from you on a daily day - rate sleep, pain, activity level, inability to do level, level of depression, anxiety attacks, and how you are feeling inside. Per Att Harris-
    often fibro patients will get SSDI for psychiatric issues as opposed to the fibro, but what the heck- what ever it takes to get it- it is worth it. Don't wait any longer- get going on it.I applied within 6 months of being unable to work. Hope this helps.

    PS Many SSDI attorneys do not want to get involved until you get a first denial- that may be why they are not returning your calls as fast as you would expect.
    Pretty much ( except Att Harris ) says call us when you get 1st denial- but some attorneys may be willing to get involved right off the bat- you want one who charges only if you win the case. Good luck- God bless WICK
  6. kim840

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    I am a former legal assistant. If an attorney does not return your call within 48 hours I'd move on. Even if they are busy, they can have their assistant touch base with you and tell you why he's not returning the call. He may be in hearing, at a conference, etc. which would keep him out of the office. But if they don't have a good system of returning their client's phone calls this early on, I think they would probably be frustrating to work with.

    I live in Phoenix and used Scott Davis who is affiliated with Scott Harris. I called him when I received my first rejection letter. But, he likes people to call him when they file initially so that he can give them some basic advice and help set them up. I don't know if we can give out phone numbers here so I won't.

    I always suggest Scott to anyone who is looking for an attorney. Everything is done by phone and through the mail. I actually worked a lot with his legal assistant. She was very good. I originally filed the end of April of 2000, was rejected and then filed for reconsideration and was accepted in November of 2000.

    Oh yes, my disability is for the mental disability associated with FMS, as someone mentioned above.

    I hope everything goes as smoothly with you as it did me.

    God Bless.... Marcia
  7. Candlewick

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    Marcia- I have seen phone numbers given out- I now have moved to Mesa AZ and wondered if you had a good Dr or psychiatrist to recommend. Also any massage therapist you know who understand fibro? Thanks for any help---WICK
  8. kim840

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    Scott's number is (602) 482-4300.

    Dr. John Moran, who is a Ph.D in Scottsdale, did my psych eval. for SS. He is very fibro friendly. His number is (480) 946-0801.

    My rheumy is located in Phoenix. His name is Joseph Nolan, his number is (602) 285-0017.

    My family doc, who is the one who originally diagnosed and treats my FM, is Gary Erbstoesser, D.O. His number is (602) 246-7211. He's also in Phoenix.

    I have never gone to a psychiatrist so I can't help you there. Dr. Erbstosser prescribes all my meds. I only went to Dr. Nolan to confirm the diagnosis for SS purposes. And I have never seen a psychiatrist or psychologist. Yet, I got my disability for "mental/cognitive" reasons.

    I have had cranial sacral massage and it has helped greatly. I cannot remember he name of the gentleman who did it. If it comes to me I will post it.

    I don't know anyone in Mesa.

    Hope some of this information helps you!!

    God Bless.... Marcia
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  9. Kathryn

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    I called Scott Davis when I first applied for SSDI back in August, 2002. He spent almost an hour on the phone with me (his nickle, too!), and the advice I received was excellent. He has written several articles on filing and WINNING SSDI, and most are available on this site if you search under "disability" or "SSDI". I would heartily recommend that you read them before you apply. Collecting SSDI is a game, and if you are unaware of the rules before you start to play, you cannot expect to win. Scott has also written a pamphlet on SS that is well worth the $8 that I paid for it. Most of the articles in it are on this web site, but it is a handy resource to have when filling out the train load of paperwork that you will get from SS. I won my case without actually hiring Scott, or anyone else, so it can be done. Good luck to you!