what to get 3 year old goddaughter for bday

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    does anyone have suggestions for a 3 year olds bday gift for goddaughter, i thought about a savings bond, but how much and ive never bought one so what exactly are they?...thanks
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    When I used to go shopping for my granddaughter, I took along a female
    coworker who could advise about sizes and what not.

    Is the girl near you? If so, you could go shopping w/ mom and
    let daughter pick out what she wants.

    If you're going to mail it, I would ask Mom. You don't want to buy her
    something she already has. In fact, easiest of all, you can mail a check
    and let mom and daughter do the shopping.

    As for bonds, they originated during WWI to help pay for the war. You
    bought a bond for $18 and 20 years later it was worth $25. Something
    like that. Anyway savings bonds were considered the safest possible

    But like everything else it's gotten more complicated. There are now
    several varieties of bonds. Some you can buy directly from the treasury
    and it's all electronic. You don't even get a piece of paper.

    In the old days you bought your bond from the bank or the post office
    and put it your deposit box for a couple decades.

    Thirty years ago when I had young nephews, I would send their folks a
    check for $50 and tell them to put $40 in the kids' savings accounts and
    let them have $10 to spend.


  3. Pippi1313

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    Speaking as a former child, a 3 year old won't know what a bond is. She's expecting something fun.

    I always hated getting clothes as a "gift", but some little kids (the girly-girl types) like clothes.

    When I was that age, I loved big colorful story books as much as toys.

    A set of nice, sturdy, colorful, hardback story books with lots of bright pictures & thick pages, is what I'd recommend. & if ya live close by, it'd be nice to wait for a quiet moment & read her 1 of the stories.

  4. Beadlady

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    but how about some dress up things--you could find some fun things at a thrift store or the dollar store (I like the idea of the thrift store--recycling stuff}

    Does she like dolls? Maybe a cradle for her doll or a stroller?

    Big pieces of puzzles--sometimes you can find wooden pieces

    Bubble bath

    if you live close do you have a Build a Bear store where you could make her a bear or a doll

    theme sheets & or bed spread

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    You have gotten some pretty good ideas, and all of them are good. Rock covered lots of things including if you live far away and have to send it.

    I have done almost all of the above for the kids that live far away from me and also depending on their age. I think Savings Bonds are good and have done that for the kids but depending on their financial situation and ages. Little ones like something to play with and some might also like some clothes if that is needed. Talk to the mom and see what she thinks. If they are a distance away you might do as Rock says and send money and ask Mom to perhaps save some to have the child pick out (with Mom's help) if she is 3 years old.

    Dollies are cute for little girls ( I had 4 girls) but nowadays I am not sure they all play with them for that long anymore. She might enjoy that if she is a dolly girl. My grandaughter hardly ever played with them and then went to Barbies and then she was grown up. Now she is 15 going on 30.

    Some of my grandkids need things more than others so I try and go that way. However, the little ones like something to play with and maybe then save the rest . Does she have a piggy bank to start saving? That is an idea to if you can find a cute one plus some money and depending on how much you want to spend. Now I send money or SB's to the kids for the birthdays but they are age 5 to 19. Some parents really need and want clothes for the kids but something special for the young one that they will enjoy, and or pick out themselves is good too..

    All I can say is, ask MOM' she should know.

    BTW, you can get forms in your banks for the Savings Bonds. You fill out the form and you can order many different denominations. I usually got them for $25. When they are redeemed you will get more than was put in but I am not sure exactly. It also depends on how long you have been sending them to tha child(ren) as to what they will get back.

    Hope some of this ramblling is helpful.

    Hugs and blessings

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  6. Pippi1313

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    Grannis' idea reminded me of something.

    When I was little, I was invited to another little girls' b-day party.
    That was a rare happening in our area.

    My parents were raising 6 of us on 1 income, so money was always tight.
    Of course, one cannot attend a b-day party w/o a gift.

    We had a "penny pot" on the kitchen counter. Mom & Pop put their pennies in there at the end of each day (& often had to roll them up to buy stuff).

    For the girls' gift, Mom went to the dollar store & bought a cute little change purse. She filled the change purse with pennies from the penny pot.
    Of all the expensive gifts the kid got, she was fascinated by "all that money" & spent so much time playing with the pennies, (counting, stacking, etc) her mom had to keep making her go back to the party.

    That's what Grannis' idea reminded me of.

    You could fill a cute piggy bank HALF full of pennies, so she'll have something to see & hold & shake (to hear "all that money" clinking around inside it). Then add the savings bond or gift certificate to it.
    Or, add a kids' book about saving money with the piggy bank.
    There's a character named "Arthur" that kids like. It's a PBS cartoon, & I believe I remember an episode about saving and/or spending money.
    I think that would be really cool, along with the pig & pennies.

    Hope that helps!

    (Or you could get the Arthur book, & put the pennies in a purse with the Arthur characters on it.)