what to say to unbelieving doctor?

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    I've found great help so far with my naturopathic doc but have to go back to my primary care tomorrow. He was the one who lkept looking at me as I tried through my foggy brain to teach him about CFS.....and all he kept putting on my exit sheet was deppression/fatigue and offering more drugs (all of which previously had only made me worse and reacted opposite of their purpose).

    I will take him the handout that was mailed to me from this web site but I wonder what else you guys would encourage me to tell him...since you all know more than any of them out there!

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    I don't know that you can change his mind, and I have found it easier to move on and find someone who wants to listen and to help. Those who aren't willing to learn are a waste of time. Of course this is just my opinion.
    I don't have the energy to argue anymore, and found it easier to just save my breath and walk out the door.
    Good luck.
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    I've learned that when I need to see a new doctor, one of the things I do during the history part of the exam is to ask them how they feel about the illness CFIDS.

    If I get an answer suggesting that it is part of depression, I not only leave, but I send them a letter that not only contains facts about the illness, but a lecture letting them know why we seek out specialists.

    Putting up with our illness is hard enough without putting up with ignorant doctors as well.
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    Get another doctor. Life is too short for this.

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    I don't think I would waste my time telling him anything. I have been there, done that. Try to find another doctor and don't waste precious time with this guy, the stress of trying to explain to a doctor who doesn't want to listen just hurts you more. Good luck and hugs to you. Chelz.
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    That he's FIRED! do not waste your precious time and energy on a doc who is suppose to help you, not visa versa. I hopped around until I find one that suits me. And I finally found one that has, she was a referral from this board by someone. Please do not waste your time on this. I have a rheummy for my dx and mycoplasma P. treatment, I have a pain doc that faxes info to my MD for referral of meds or recommendations, this is a long process. What really helped me is the info from this board and FM books from Borders. Keep shopping and you will find the right one. God Bless, Iggy
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    I neglected to mention that the guy I am set to see tomorrow is a PA, he is young and wonderful, except he doesn't understand/know about CFS/FM. I want to help him learn....at least the initial push.

    I do appreciate all your advice and the message Madwolf bumped as well.

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    Give him one more chance. My advice would be to get everything down in writing. All of your symtoms, meds that you've been on, when you were diagnosed with CFS (have you yet?), and what treatments that you have tried. That way, he can stick that right in your folder and you don't have to worry about him not writing down all of your info. Make sure to give him the CFS handout as well, so he can get some education! The studying should not end after getting the medical degree!!

    Walk in there as confident as you can. Hand him the papers. Then say, "I have CFS. I wouls like you to help me with a treatment plan, so that I can hopefully become functional again". If he still dismisses you, the say, "I don't think this is going to work", and just leave it as that.

    Every doctor should be given a chance to have an assertive CFS/FMS patient that puts the info right in their faces to see if they can get over their pride and laziness long enough to learn something and help their patient!!! That's just my opinion!!

    Good luck and tell us how it goes!!!

    Big Soft Hugs,
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    your medical history and medication history, this helped me get me point across w/out repeating or forgetting anything, This included all dx's and all visits from specialists that you had to see prior to your dx. And bring any research articles, but I have found that they never want the articles. Good luck, Iggy
    PS, have your histories all on floppy discs, then you can have them or update them anytime you want. And also, w/my medication history, I rated every med from 0-10 on effectiveness and how it worked on me, this eliminates more time wasted, then you and they know right away what you need and what does not work.
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    if he's willing to resolve your symptoms does it matter what he calls it? Even if he doesnt' think it's FM if you take in the 3 or 4 most bothersom symptoms will he work with you to feel better?