What to take for Allergies

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Empower, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. Empower

    Empower New Member

    My allergies are through the roof and are adding to my FMS and CFS misery. Don't know why they are SO BAD!!

    Anyway, my Allegra is not working. I am just in a fog and sniffling, sneezing and feeling just plain miserable and more exhausted than normal

    What can I take to feel better?

    I am doing the NEtti pot, but it is not doing the trick
  2. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    Mucinex and/or Claritin. And lots of fluids and sleep. Hopes this helps. I;ve been having troubles with it also. Take care, Robin
  3. Empower

    Empower New Member

    Thanks Robin

    For me, I think it is a combinatiton of the unbelievably warm weather and all the garsh darn leaves - I hate to say it, but we need the cold weather here in PA
  4. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    Your Welcome. I hope you feel better soon! I live in Illinios, the weather has beautiful this last week. Colder at night though. I've year round allergies, it hits the worst spring and fall. But I do love the coolness. My body doesn't! I've been inside most of last week, nursing myself. It snowed today, it looked so pretty,but it didn't last. That's ok. As I've gotten older and have more things that ail me, I would like snow on X-mas eve and x-mas day, then it could go away! I'm always afraid of falling. I'm allergic to just about everything outside too. But aren't the leaves beautiful?! TAke care, Robin
  5. landra

    landra New Member

    I have been treated for allergies my whole life. Rx meds when in Girl Scout Camp, series of shots, OTC's and all the Rx allergy pills. Now on Allegra and this year was horrible.

    What is working REALLY well for me is Chinese herb formulas. For head congestion - Bi Yan Pian has my ears "open" for the first time in months! And Er Chen Wan (sometimes labled just Er Chen) clears chest congestion EVERY TIME!

    I go to an accupuncture clinic and get them there, but they are carried at lots of herb store, coops, vitamen stores. I'd suggest you give them a try. ... The amount recommended is for a 100 lb. Chinese man, so they increase the dose according to weight.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Shalome1990

    Shalome1990 New Member

    Please tell me, what do you mean by EARS OPEN? I know that sounds silly, but my husband has had a headache since July 5 months. Unlike me, he is never sick and he is strong as an ox. I am often jealous of him because I feel so sickly. Well, this headach is just getting him down. He said he feels like his ears are blocked and his head is under water. The ENT said he does have allergies, but has given him pills, nose sprays, and antiboitics and nothing has worked. He even had sinus surgery to remove the polyps praying it would make him feel better. However, it hasn't worked. So, they sent him to a nuero who did a sinus CT and an MRI of the brain. Nothing. Is this expensive? Any side affects? you can email me off line if you want to!!
  7. Empower

    Empower New Member

    Thanks to all for your replies
  8. landra

    landra New Member

    Ears Open - when you fly, your ears often "stop up". People chew gum to get them to pop. Well mine stayed "stopped up" for months!!It is your eustachion tubes clogging up with mucous so that the pressure cannot equalize. (Hope I spelled all that correctly.)

    Bi Yan Pian is not expensive! You can get it at places like Whole Foods, or a vitamen store, or possibly herb store. I think it cost about $9.oo. As far as I can tell, it has not side-effects - but the store should have information. Or look on-line maybe?

    Sounds like your husband's symptoms are similar to mine. I would definately give it a try!

    Oh, I don't know how I could contact you off-line. Exchanging e-mail addresses is not "permitted" for safety. Possibly in the chat room, but I don't go there much.
  9. star273

    star273 New Member

    Here is what works for me. I take a sudafed in the morning and that keeps the stuffiness down, then I also take a Zyrtec. The clariton and allegra quit working for me after awhile. These 2 things seem to help me alot, also the other thing I do is use a saline solution about 5 or 6 times a day. I just leave it out on the counter and when I see it I use it. It helps so much.... Try those things and see if they help. Zyrtec is over the counter and lasts for 24 hours.
    Good Luck
  10. Shalome1990

    Shalome1990 New Member

    Thank you so much!! My husband said he feels just like that!! I can't wait to try it!! He is so hesitant to take any medicines, so this is great. Especially when you can get it and not have to go to the doctor and pay copays and by $140 ear drops!! I am going to get it tomorrow!!

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