what to take for back pain?

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    I have been taking Robaxin and it has worked pretty well, but recently has been losing its effectiveness, so I asked my doc and he said to go off it for a week and when I go back on it, it will be effective again. Just wondering what I should be taking for pain in the meantime while I am on "vacation" from the Robaxin. I won't take narcotics. Things that don't work for me are: Flexeril, Norflex, Tramadol, Ibuprofen, and heat is only good when it's on me and within 15 minutes of removing I am in pain again. Don't have access to a pool/hot tub. I do, however, have access to a treadmill, exercise bike and an xbox kinnect. Any medication or non-medication ideas would be great. Thanks,
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    So sorry you are going through such back pain without effective pain treatment. Advil also works best for me but I take 3 to 4 at a time. Gentle stretching and a hand held massager are things I do first before I decide to take any medication. A lot of time it is just tightened muscles. Of course I don't know where your backpain originates from. Mine just gets achy from having to sit around so much due to M.E. and FM. I too use a heating pad and while I am on it cannot feel pain, but as soon as I take the heat away, it's there. It's too hot right now for me to even use my heating pad. I hope you find something that works for you. Hugs, MicheleK
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    I think in a few more weeks I'm going to try it. I've been taking the grape seed extract for a few weeks and want to see how I feel from that first.

    Do you use the pills or the spray that has it and glucosamine?
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    I like lemon juice in my water. Would it mix?
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    saw one product on amazon called PENETREX - has DMSO etc - has got very high ratings from many folks.

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    I suffered for 20 odd yrs w/lower back pain. Last straw in march 2012. Had a laminectomy of L2,3,4,&5. I was back to work 6wks later. It was kinda a miracle,to say the least. I was very lucky to get an excellent neurosurgeon. Before surgery I was taking boat loads high test Aleve,and everything.Maybe if you're willing to try surgery, you can get off the "PAIN TREADMILL"
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    should always be a last resort, of course. I had a TLIF w/laminectomy . . . 2 titanium rods and 6 screws, with 2 fusions (L3/4 & L4/5), and cage between vertabre filled with my bone & man-made bone. But, my discs were completely collapsed and pushing on the nerves.

    I suffered a long time b/f I did the surgery, but can say I am glad I finally had it. But, I also could hardly walk by the time I agreed to the surgery.

    I, too, had an excellent neurosurgeon . . . I did have a spine dr. that would do the surgery, but I felt this was definitely something a neurosurgeon should do. And, of course, there are no guarantees. Right now 2-1/2 mos out and doing pretty good . . . don't know what the future holds though . . . but who does, right ?!?

    Prior to surgery I was taking(8) 7.5 Lortab. But, I could have just taken M&M's for the good it did me.

    I still take a Lortab when I need it for pain . . . I have really bad fibro, osteoarthritis in spine, hands, elbows, wrists, hips, ankles & feet, chronic tendonitis, & bursitis, TMJ, Tinnitus, and CFS. I also take the lowest dose of neurontin at night and the smallest doxe of Cymbalta in the morning.

    I'm tryin really hard to stop Rx drugs and substitute vitamins, supplements, OTC stuff. And, this board has provided me w/lots of good information . . . Jamin's been experimenting w/vitamins and supplements a long time . . . I'm now using lots of vit & supps she's suggested. There are others that have been very helpful, too. Just do some research on the board. Most here on this board have been able to help me with OTC vits and supps . . . my Rheumy, whom I like a lot, just keeps giving me Rxs.
    Wishing you the best re: your back pain.

    Soft Hugs,
    Sharon (Nikki)
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    when my Robaxin quit working, but then the Baclofen stopped as well. It may work for you, though, I'm just trying to get down to all natural stuff. I found that a product called source natural fibro response is the best I have ever used. It has a ton of good stuff in it. I also tried Lipoderm patches, but they are difficult to apply by yourself and tend to do a "bunch and roll" at night, if you wear pajamas. Or, for that matter, move or breathe! lol! I've got a "secret weapon" at night, in the form of my spoiled cat, who plasters herself to my back and purrs like a lawnmower! I also found that magnesium taken before bed makes me nice and relaxed. I think I have one good disc left in my spine, but don't hold me to that! My doctor wants to try a neurostimulator and I am going to have one put in as soon as I get the go ahead from all my docs. Since I have really low platelets, I have to do infusions before the surgery and get it "just right". Wish I could just have a body transplant!

    Soft hugs,
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    has been a godsend for me when I have low back pain. Just apply several times a day, and in the middle of the night if you get up - it can work wonders. Your body absorbs the magnesium and I believe it helps with inflammation. Works better than advil and ice (which used to be my go-to remedy for back pain).

    You can buy it at most health food stores or on-line.

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    Where is the back pain located? Is it peripheral or centralized? Is it located in one spot or radiating?

    The treatment for back pain in differing areas is very different.

    Dr. Dan