What to take to help thease Sweats!!!!!!Help

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    Hi , I'm so blessed to find this board , you all have helped me so much ,had been searching for fibro board ect,
    Did see the post on how alot of us have thease sweet's ,beensick for 9 yr's ,Sweets started in june ,yes waiting for blood test on meno, But from what I'v read hear , its a differnt kind of swetting , someone said , thears no sweating under arm-pit's i cheacked & no sweating under the arms , just drenched every whear , not to get to personail hear , but even taking a s***, breacks me into one , live in ohio ,and the other day it was so bad i drove half way down the road with my window open ,it felt grate but i thought ,Oh my God this is not heathy,Have been taking 400mg of black cohosh , dosent touch it ,,, so please any other advise would be great
    thankyou all love cindy
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    Hi Cindy and Welcome to the Board! I am 53 and have been taking 1.25mg Premarin for menopausal symptoms for several year. However, the FM causes my body temperature to get out of whack, and often I get real hot and break out into a "wet" sweat, and this happens day or night and especially upon waking in the morning.

    I know I am taking a high enough dose of the Premarin to handle the menopausal hot flashes--but these "sweats" are different and are caused by the FM messing up the regulation of my body temperature. I researched this and found it mentioned in the FM literature and several books on FM.

    And, last year when I was diagnosed with advanced degenerative disc disease and multiple back problems, I was put on narcotic pain management. I found that if I don't take the Premarin several hours separate from the pain medications--that the pain medications interfere with the effectiveness of the Premarin, and I get the menopausal hot flashes and the FM sweats.

    I don't know how old you are, but you could be going into menopause or be pre-menopausal. And Premarin or some other HRT (harmonal replacement therapy) will definitely help with the menopausal hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms--but not with the FM sweats....at least it didn't help mine.

    I don't know what to do about the FM sweats, so I just live with it. If you find anything that helps--please let me know, and I will do the same for you.

    Hope you are having a Good Day. Blessings to you, Carol...
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    A friend of mine had the same problem even in the middle of winter. She would be saturated because of the constant sweating. She was taking a combination of anti-depressants and one of the side effects was sweating. I don't know what meds. you may be taking but this can be a side effect of some meds. Menopause can cause this type of sweating in some people. Good luck Mellow

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    Hi carol ,
    Thanks for you'r input , Yes I had a hormone test 2 week's ago, will be calling Dr to see what's up , I'm praying its from menopose!!!!, I'd hate to think it's fibro & no help, anyway to answer you'r question, I'm 39 , will be 40 in march, around 2 yr's ago ,went to dr abought symtoms, thought wear related to menopase ,Dr said , I'f you'r not in full blown meno / the test would be negitive ,,,
    I'll call today
    Thanks againe to you and the others who put in info to me
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    wet, my p.j.s, hair and upper body
    mostly. I don't know WHY but lately
    I've been taking a hot bath before bed with a LOT of Baking Soda in it,
    around 3 to 5 cups (I buy the huge
    packages of it at Costco) and stay in
    the tub until the water begins to
    cool off. When I do that I don't wake
    up with those awful sweats and soaked. It's worth a try for you anyway and Baking Soda is relatively
    cheap if it works for you too. On nights when I just can't get down
    in the tub I do a head to toe wash
    in a pan with a really heavy concentration of the baking soda and
    my normal soap. Rinse well. That works too..?? I don't know why. Hugs,Bambi
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    Hi, i cant take hormones, but my doc found something that helps the sweats. I posred about it today, feb. 19th and named the medication. It is posted by Rosesark. Hope it helps. Rose