WHAT triggered it????????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by monicaz49, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. monicaz49

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    im really trying hard to figure out why i got this way. I have a list of significant events that may have and am wondering if there is a pattern with any one else

    4 car accidents.....but nothing immediately preceeding the onset of my illness. Im 31 and my accidents ranged from age 17 to 28. One accident my head hit the windshield and i feel a small depression on the corner of my skull now.

    gall bladder surgery removal

    pregnancy/child birth

    tried prozac for mild anxiety and wigged out. my body has nevr been the same again.

    anyone experience any of these?
  2. blueski31717

    blueski31717 New Member

    Well I was in a car accident when I was 2 years old. They

    say I injured my neck but wasn't treated. I now have and

    have had for several years no curvature in my neck due to

    muscle spasms that has lasted for years. Have had 3

    children, natural births. No gall bladder surgery though.

    No prozac but think I need it lol. Hope that helps.

  3. shootingstar

    shootingstar New Member

    We have some similar injuries/symptoms, but I'm not sure of a cause either.

    Some symptoms started as a child. I was low birth weight, about four pounds, had two head injuries as a child, broken nose as a child. Deviated septum. Tonsillectomy. Restless legs, minor growing pain in legs. My mother was worried about my low energy and took me to a doctor a couple of times in my early teens. I had no stamina. Lots of minor sore throats through teens, and progressive hearing loss began then.

    Twenties: Migraines. Fatigue. Bedridden for a few days at a time. Two children. Hearing aids. I was in another car accident, whiplash, in my early twenties.

    Thirties: Ongoing fatigue, fibroids, recurrent bladder infections, depression, endometriosis, death of spouse.

    Forties: Severe insomnia began. Total hysterectomy. Second marriage, gall bladder removed, continuing fatigue. Cognitive problems.

    Fifties: Divorce, back injury, continuing low stamina, depression with psychotic symptoms, suicide attempt. Continuing fatigue.

    Sixties: Sinus problems noticeably worsened. Widespread pain that varies. Feels like deep bruising, sometimes shooting pain in my feet, legs. Surface burning pain. Shoulder/arm pain that feels like muscle strain. Headaches. Nonexistent/low energy and stamina. Cognitive problems.

    I do not have a diagnosis. I have had no medical insurance for about ten years and do not feel I can afford to chase symptoms. I had not realized some symptoms might be related, and have never presented the broad picture to a doctor.

    Fortunately pain is manageable with over-the-counter medication, has lessened some after antibiotic treatment and surgery for a dental problem about three months ago. Ginkgo biloba/vinpocetine has helped to some extent with cognitive/fatigue. I try to get rest, light exercise, and eat a varied diet high in fruits and vegetables.

    I feel markedly worse during the summer months. The last month or so I have felt better on the whole than I have in several months or possibly the last couple of years. Can find no specific triggering events for original onset, or limited remission. Stress and physical exertion can trigger episodes of worsening symptoms.
  4. blonderescue

    blonderescue New Member

    Maybe you are being a little hard on yourself?

    I don't think anyone with AIDS wondered what triggered it.

    Are you actually questioning yourself as to whether you are physically ill?

    If you are questioning that, you will realise in time you know deep down, whatever anyone else says, whether you are physically ill. Check your symptoms off against prominent sites for CFS/FM/CFIDS information. That will help.

    Its not your fault. Most of us I bet spent a long time wondering if we were going mad. Knowledge is the key here. Get informed. Read the posts other people post and find where you feel you have things in common.

    If you have CFIDS (and I have no way of knowing from your post) you will have to learn to be kind to yourself. The past is gone and cannot be changed. We can only make the future better.

    Hope this helps.

    lots of love


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