What triggers fibro, MPS, and other chronic pain

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    I as reading some thing a while ago that stated that this lady had been in pain for years and no one could find a reason for her pain and after years of being told that it was all in her head a doctor found out that she has RSD and now is on a medication to help treat it and it doing better.

    I would like to know if the leg aches I had as a child could have started this chain reaction, or was it the falls and breaks in my arms that were the beginnings?

    LIfe for me has been full of trips , falls, ,cramps, knee pain, back pain, leg aches, and now add sever wrist pain from a fractured left wrist{2+ yrs.ago} the pain in my wrist is getting worse.

    I am tired of being tired and not being albe to sleep when I should be sleeping. When I have to get up before noon every day I find that my pain is worse and my fatique is much worse. This cold weather we have in Utah is so bad that i am living with legs that constantly throbb and ache so deep that I swear that the real pain in not just in muscels but in the bones. Nothing seems to ease this pain that is so deeply inbeded in my body.

    I am just wondering if all the falls I had as a child and a teen as well as the painfull female problems I had just sent my nervouse system in to over drive. So that now my nerves are sending messages all the time to my brain that I am in horriable pain so fix it.

    I don't know if what i have said it right that my pain came from being a klutz as a child. But something started this roller coaster of pain that i have to live with each day. I hate it that I get so fatiqued that I can't drive as I get the feeling I can't keep my eye's open long enohg to drive. That is scary I don't want to wreck the car and injure someone.
    So I have tp limit my driveing time. But now that is hard to do as I am doing all the driving for my mom as she has had some diziness adn double vision . So I am the one that takes her to work in the mornings adn picks her up a fewhours later. But there are times like right now that my eye's don't wnat to stay open and just close on me.

    So did this pain problems atart when I as young or was it set off by the falls and accidents that I had. I will never know what did this to me I just inow that the pain is not getting any better adn some days feels like evrything hurts all the time.

    So offf to bed I go to get some sleep.

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