What type Dr is best?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PAlady, May 14, 2006.

  1. PAlady

    PAlady New Member

    I go to a rematoligist, it seem like i get nowhere with him, only pain meds. Don't get me wrong, i am glad i get them. What about phyiatrist? They are drs who study muscles.Also my dr only sees me about every 4 to 6 mon. Much to long. Any good dr in PA? Around Allentown or Philidelphia? Thanks!!!
  2. usanagirl

    usanagirl New Member

    I personally feel that medications do not treat the underlying cause of this disease and have found that someone who specializes in nutritional medicine in combination with traditional practice is the way to go.

    Unfortunately, I do not know of any in your area, but you may do your research on Dr. Ray Strand...

  3. elliespad

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    Is one who 1. believes your symptoms and 2. actually does SOMETHING to try and help.

    I have been to a couple docs who are good at treating the "infection of the day" but know nothing about returning your health. So I use them, when I have a UTI, ear infection, stroke, that I can't heal using my own arsenal of natural stuff.

    For a CFFIDS/FIBRO doc, I would start with either an Integrated Medicine M.D., or Naturopath, or D.O. They usually use a combination of natural medicine and Prescriptions, going heavily on supplements.

    Drugs might get you through an ACUTE crisis, such as bronchitis, UTI, intractible pain, but DRUGS will not return you to health. It takes a MULTI-PRONG approach and becomes a lifestyle, not just a treatment for a month or two. I use a combination of Probiotics, vitamins, minerals, Amino Acids, antioxidants, enzymes, herbs.
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  4. wildflowers2

    wildflowers2 New Member

    Hi, I go to Dr. Natelson in New Jersey.
    He is one of the top doctors in the country for this crap. He is at the NJ medical center and has a ton of expitence.

    I go next week. These yo -yos in this area are not up with fm or cfs.

    I live near allentown.
  5. Jennyflower33

    Jennyflower33 New Member

    hi wildflower, do let us know what he says! sounds promosing! im from UK and im yet to find a CFS specialist...im still looking...
  6. jenni4736

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    I have to agree with some of the other posts. There is NO PROTOCOL for this DD.

    Many Rheumy's are actually internist with Rheumy practices, those help many it seems. But I really think some of this choice depends on what symptoms are worst for YOU.

    I have a Rheumy who was SUPPOSED to be great...but the man was DEAF apparently. He had the bedside manner of a door...he did what HE could but I never felt like he actually HEARD ME.

    I think finding the right doctor is a bit of trial and error. Personalities clash, and it's YOUR BODY. You have to do what you feel is right and try to find a doctor who will help you on YOUR path.

    I think overall most of us have a team. It takes this TEAM to work together and maybe a primary doctor to coordinate the three ring circus. For me, I have an allergist, a rheumy, an internist, and I am about to add a psychologist to the circle.

    This syndrome or disease (what ever you call it) takes many doctors who specialize in a few areas to get us to a managable state. That is why it is so hard to get better.

    No two doctors handle this ONE way. You have to find doctors who are good, who are willing to fight for you, and who will work together to do WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU!


  7. wildflowers2

    wildflowers2 New Member

    I have been to Dr Natelson and he is a saint.

    He is the one who listens and gave me the dx of this crap.

    He has been researching it for years and has credentials
    of 3 people.

    He is a no non sense guy and tells it straight.

    He has a book out fighting and facing fatigue a practical approach.

    I got the book b4 I went ot see him and he makes sense.

  8. KMD90603

    KMD90603 New Member

    Well, I used to see a rheumy for my fibro, however, I was fibro-free for a while. Up until this string of bad weather hit, now I'm sore all over. For my CFS, I see an infectious disease doctor, and he is wonderful. He's extremely thorough and truly compassionate. As far as my rheumy, she was wonderful. I referred another person from here to her, and she loved her too. She's located right by Allentown...Dr. Bieniek. I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for a good rheumy.

    Hope this helps. Gentle hugs.

  9. Dee50

    Dee50 New Member

    I like my DO Doctor best by far. He is a great listener for one thing and very helpful at helping me trouble shoot things like pain, fatigue ect..and he excepts my Guai Protocol and is reading the book :)He is so open to learning new things and he makes me smile when I see him because I know he cares about me as a whole person! I have learned to TRUST him-that was a big big step for me.
    I wish you the best,
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