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  1. JP

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    for someone with FMS and chronic back pain from injuries? I am currently on disability and I really want to work again. So, I am reaching out in hopes to gain some new ideas.

    I have a BS in life science and a masters in Organization Development. I have been an employee, manager, employer and more. I am 42 years of age and am just heading down the path of creating something new.

    I would love to hear what others do, or what you might think could be possible with these lovely health issues. I won't know if I don't try again and I get so much value out of working.

    Thank you,

  2. Fairyeyes

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    I am an nanny. I work 15-30 hours a week, depending on the needs of the families I am working for. I have done lots of jobs.
    picture framer
    administrative assistant
    preschool teacher
    hospice worker

    I don't think any job is ideal given the nature of our illness. The important thing is to try to get a job that makes you HAPPY. Added stress of a crazy job will make matters worse. Follow your heart, and makes sure whatever you choose to do is not in conflict with your needs.

    Also whatever you choose to do, don't be a type A, and go overdoing it, overachieving. I've finally realized that most people perform their job functions at a mediocre level, so I feel that if I am doing average, performance wise, I am actually doing a fine job. Hope that makes sense.

    Take good care.
  3. judywhit

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    well, although my job is not stress free I do find it condusive to having this awful ailment. I am a school bus driver. My hours are 6:20am-9:45...come home and rest! go back at 1:20-4:30. I work 180 days (9months) out of the year and get a pay check for 12months. This is prorated. You sound very educated and this job does not require a college degree by any means. But, for those of us who just want some extra cash and to get out a bit you might want to look into it. This morning was awful...we have been out on holiday break and this was first day back. Bus was so cold and icy!!!!! I also take pain meds in the p.m and this is alright with a doctors note. We have several were I work with FMS. Good luck and my God grant you your heart's desire.
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    I work at home designing websites and I have a few online stores that keep my mail order business going strong. I have a daughter that works at home too, doing billings for medical doctors and a niece that does data entry. They both make around $14 an hour at it, but no benefits.

    Marilyn :)
  5. Sunshyne1027

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    I dont have a bunch of degress, I did go to school for a year for Administrative Assistant. I graduated last april. The Fibro has gotton worse these past few months, I have gone through many jobs. I got a suggestion from a Fibro friend to try vocational rehab out. There is one for every state. Look up on the internet if you want for vocational rehab, for where you live. They help alot! I went to a orientation last week, and this week go one on one with a counselor. They help with job placement, advocy, even if you want to start a business from home, alot of great things!

    I cannot stand for long periods of time, I can only sit at a computer for a hour or two before intense neck, back, shoulder, leg pain set in. So not sure on what I will go into, but will keep you all informed.

    I got a little something from the post on doing something that makes you happy. I will definitly keep that in mind. I love art and graphics also. I would love to go into helping others with disabilities too.

  6. beamurto

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    To ssmarilyn

    My daughter of 21 has been wondering how she will ever be able to feel well enough to hold down a job and make a living for herself. However, only last week she had the idea that she would be good at web-designing and this would be something she could do from home.

    Perhaps you would be kind enough to advise us on which particular software is the best on the market for doing this. We'd be very grateful for any advice.

    Thanking you in anticipation.
  7. susabar

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    I am wondering the same thing... I am a Clinical Microbiologist in our local hospital lab, and while I love the work, I don't always love my job!!! Too much stress,workload etc.. etc...
    I am going to try to go back part-time then hope the hours I am there I will be fullfilled..
    Good Luck to you !!!!

  8. JaciBart

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    That is as far as I have gotten so far is trying to get it together, I have been doing a consulting job for my church, volunteer but I think after I finish it, a few weeks I will get a reference letter from the pastor and market myself to other churches to do the same thing for free for them then hope for referrals to for-profit businesses, what I did before is advertising, marketing, commercial print sales so what I am doing now is cutting their print expenditures by 50% for the upcoming year, the budget has been cut from 26k to half that. I love it. I just have analyzed what they are doing now and revised some of the items, ganged them up for print and put it all out to bid to several vendors, print shops.

    I am hoping this can work into something paying for businesses, we really need the money but I just cannot charge churches, something about that, but I love that idea of donating my services to them, also I am making some craft type projects, painted bottles adapted to be oil lamps for tabletop and using decorative copper wire & beads, I have a friend with an upscale shop I can sell them in. Crossing my fingers and praying.

    Good luck.

  9. ssMarilyn

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    I'll post on this subject over on the Chit Chat board. I'm making more money at home now then when I was working full time in law enforcment. Plus I save on toothpaste and shampoo! (just kidding!)But it is nice to get up when I want and go to work in my housecoat.

    Marilyn :)
  10. JP

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    ideas! I can see others or interested in this topic too.

    Thanks all...jan