What type of doc? Anyone in Southern Cal?

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    I'm in north Orange County. I was diagnosed a few years ago w/ CFS. Sometimes mild, sometimes severe. But I've lost faith in my previous doc who was really more of a thyroid specialist and rec'd tons of expensive compounded meds, hormones, etc. I can't afford him and my DH thinks he was a quack. What type of doc should I look for who would know about extreme fatigue and muscle/joint pain?

    I'm on Cymbalta which has made a big difference for depression and body aches, but I think I need something else to give me energy to get through the days.

    Thanks for any advice.
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    Orange, CA. He believes in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain. He is a neurologist, and I happened onto him on the list for doctors at the Dr. Devyn Starlanyl's website. Click on "For Patient and Supporters" (top left corner), then half way down on left side, click on "Health Care Providers List", then click on California. He is the 4th Doctor on the list.

    I saw him from 2001 to 2004, until I moved to Arizona. He is a great doctor, and will listen to you, work with you, and will refer you to another doctor if it becomes necessary. A really great man.

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. I hope that I did not break any rules for what I've posted, and if I have will someone post me a thread with my name as the subject line, and I will come in an correct it.
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