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  1. ANGELEO728

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    what types of exercise do any of you do? How long do you do it and have you seen any good or negative outcome from it?
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    Funny - I have always been one to exercise....until this summer when the FM hit me hard and has not stopped. Perhaps I am in a catch 22 - I have not exercise and therefore, I am doing so much worse....however, the thought of exerting myself is tiring enough. To boot - I have daily head pressure...(headache) which really prevents me from going to the gym...that I am paying $100 per month for...aough!

    So you really think I should just get my butt up and going....I guess is cant hurt!!
  3. Brownie08

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    Good for you! I am going to take a page out of your book and get my self going. Ill report back on my progress ;-)
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    I got an Elliptical machine from Wal-Mart for $200 last month. I started out doing 5 minutes and added a minute every day. I'm now doing 16 minutes. There are days that I'm crying while I'm on it... but my new doctor assures me it will help. I have started noticing less stiffness in the morning and my joints aren't quite as bad during the day. I'm going to keep it up.

    Good luck.

  5. findmind

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    When we talk about exercising, I would like to see us state whether we are an FM or ME patient.

    If one truly has M.E., exercise can be (not to scare anyone!) deadly.

    If one has both, state so, and let us know how exercise affects you.

    Friends with FM make me jealous as they are able to exercise and feel better. We who have both FM and ME cannot do it, or bed is our middle name.

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    I have CFS and Lyme disease, so the days when I feel well enough to exercise are few, but I take advantage of those times and try to practice yoga, either at home or at a studio. I used to go to yoga 5+ times/week, but now I stick to the slow, restorative classes. And I stick to my limits--I won't do all the poses if I don't feel up to it. And I will rest in child's pose if I need to. Letting the teacher know beforehand that I am limited in what I can do, helps me not feel weird if I don't keep up with the rest of the class.

    Yoga has been a great way for me to gently exercise...it's non-competitive, and it helps me find a quiet, calm space. I avoid the fast-paced, "aerobic" type practices. I much prefer the slow, deliberate practices that focus on form and proper movement.
  7. wendysj

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    We need to be specific. I have CFS and FM.

    It is very hard to excercise but I promised my new doc that I would either prove her right or prove her wrong... I told her excercise was going to risk my job if it made me worse. But, I haven't gotten any worse... I'm actually feeling a little better.

    Last night, I over did it a little. I was crying getting of that machine. I think a little bit of the old competitive spirit came back in me and I couldn't stop. I actually fell asleep on the floor next to the machine for a little while. I'm doing okay today so far....

  8. findmind

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    If you have CFS, if you absolutely had to get on that floor and fall asleep, that's what Dr. Cheney says actually saves our lives.

    Aerobic exercise is toxic to M.E., we then use anerobic energy and we can only last so long in an upright position after that happens.

    Be very, very careful, ok? Stretching and gentle yoga seem to be ok, but nothing strenuous with M.E.

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    I have MCTD and FM. The only exercise I can do is Yoga. If I try to do something more vigerous I end up in the bed for days.

  10. wendysj

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    That is so scary. Yes, I had to lay down and then just fell asleep. My Rheumatologist told me last month that I need to do aerobic excercise for the FM. She knows I have CFS too. She never mentioned anything about it being toxic.

    AHHHHHH! That's why I get so frustrated about. I jump through the hoops for the doctor and then find out they are wrong. I told this doctor that what she was saying is the exact opposite of the first Rheumy I saw... She said I am going to have to choose who I'm going to believe. Isn't that awful for us all? We have the same type of specialist telling us different things. OMG! This makes me crazy.

    Thank you, Findmind. I go back to see this doctor tomorrow and I will bring up what you've said. I need to do some research on Cheney. I don't know much about him but I've seen many posts about him.

  11. findmind

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    Go to the Dallas Ft Worth CFIDS Support Group site; read Dr. Cheney's "The Heart of the Matter" and anything else there by him.

    The drs we see are reading the CDCs absolute crap about CFS...which is not the same as CFIDS/ME.

    Read, read, read, ok?

    And follow your body's instructions!

    If you have to lie down because you feel you are going to collapse, that is a BIG CLUE! (Not yelling, just emphasis.)

    I'm leaving for a trip, will be back Sunday, and will check in to see how you are doing, ok? Let us know, we care.

    Mucho huggies,
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    I posted a pretty lengthy message & added in additional information about how exercising has helped me.

    I've gone from 100% bedridden to a much more improve quality of life.

    While some of us do benefit from exercise, not all do & if extreme caution is not used, you could cause more damage than good.

    With CFS, it is so much more challenging and you need to be sure you go at a SUPER SLOW PACE. Some patients use a "pulse monitor".

    I 100% agree with FINDMIND ---- please be careful & listen to your body. Your body should be letting you know what it is capable of handling. Even just a few minutes (like 2 to 3) of mild exercise may be the maximum your body can take when you first start. When I finally moved into weights, just 1/2 a pound felt like a TON. So, even 1/2 a pound was too much & I could not use light weights. Then, I just started with stretching my arms & legs and used my own body weight.

    Also, please always consult your Doctor BEFORE you start up an exercise program. Based on your symptoms and to the degree you struggle with these illnesses, they will be able to guide you as to what "your body" can handle.

    If anybody is interested on the type of exercise I do, how I started, how I progresses ---- feel free to look up the post called:


    Hope it is helpful.

    == Elaine
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