What types of diets is everyone following???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Issa77, Apr 10, 2007.

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    I was doing the low carb thing - lots of fresh veggies (alot) and good lean protien sources. I really want to stay away from sugar and fast carbs. I have fallen off the wagon lately due to being so frustrated with the way I feel. When I was eating better I did feel a little better and I would take that over the way I feel now.

    So I am just wondering what the rest of you are doing concerning your diets.

  2. SweetT

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    That also keeps your metabolism up (or boosts it). Even if you don't feel hungry every few hours, eat anyway. I love to eat, so that's no problem for me.

    Go really light on the carbs and sweets. I find that if I cut them out altogether, I'll just wind up going on a massive binge anyway. Drink lots of water.

    Other than that, take supplements----experiment until you find the ones that work. Usually, cravings mean that our body is missing a nutrient. Try not to eat more than 2,000 calories per day on a regular day.

    That will at least control your weight. You've got to add exercise and further cutting of calories to actually lose weight.
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    Hi Issa,

    I can completely relate on the falling off the wagon. But, we can brush off the dust and get right back on! :)

    I haven't eaten animal meat since I was in middle school, and a few years ago, I cut out as much refined sugar as I could.

    I heard someone once say that you should eat like a king at breakfast, a knight at lunch, and a pauper at dinner. I check labels for sugar content and don't eat after 7pm. I drink tons of water with a little green tea mixed in for flavor. I try to listen to my body tell me when I need to eat, but that has been challenging lately as I get sad and want to eat not so healthy stuff.
    Take care.
  5. ask2266

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    No sugar, no white bread, no processed food. It's HARD though!
  6. gwenn-aelle

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    hi...i'm eating as doctor jean seignalet thinks it's good to fight against autoinmune deseases. the pain has disapeared in about 60 %. i've being following that diet for almost 2 years now.
    no gluten, no corn, no milk and milk products. no aspartam, no white sugar..
    i really feel better and started sleeping 6-7 hours by night..
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