what was your first symptom.

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  1. sixtyslady

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    I was just thinking about this and although I"ve always had alot of aches and pains. I think it was ringing in my ears.
    and I had leg pains when I was a kid.so did my Mother,now I have 3 grandkids that have leg pains and can"t sleep at night, with out meds.
    what is this and does anyone else have it in their familys?
  2. charlenef

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    i had pains in my legs since i was a kid also my legs would throb at night my mom would always tell me they were growing pains now i have to get up everynight to walk off the pain in my legs my mom also has cmp i beleive my grandfather did as well they dont have fibro like me though and my mom is not as bad either charlene
  3. fungirl2100

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    When i think about it I was 29 years old at work and had noticed that my back, legs were aching. I also had a headach & My left forearm was swollen & hot to the touch.

    I believe I have probs going back as a teen/early adult. I never could get enough sleep going.

    love your friend,
  4. Hope4Sofia

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    I had growing pains and headaches too.

    But I'd have to say the illness started when I was 17. I'd been in a car accident that summer. A few months later the severe cluster headaches started and I began blacking out and suffering intense fatigue.

    Those were my main symptoms for many years until my twin pregnancy in 2000. After that, everything came crashing down and has continued to progressively worsen.

  5. SusanEU

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    In my early 40s I started having a lot of anxiety and panic attacks. I got TMJ and occasional insomnia over those years too.

    When my sister had a sudden cardiac arrest at the age of 37, and 2 months later I fell and broke foot, the occasional insomnia turned into 2 years of no sleep. The pain just started one day (I remember the day about a year and half ago), and never left.

    My aunt (dad sister) had fibromyalgia which came out after her daughter died.

    Sue in Ontario
  6. mamagibby

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    Headaches at 17 that were attributed to TMJ-had surgery (which I don't recommend)my surgeon said it would be like having a tooth pulled. Three days later I woke-up in intensive care! What an mess, there was a nurses strike going on, they couldn't find my own blood, then they had to clip the wires (mouth wired shut) and roof of mouth became unseated. Sorry to ramble on, I haven't been the same since!
    Mamagibby aka KAH
  7. Crispangel66

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    I guess mine started out with fatigue and frequent headaches.

    Then I guess I would have to say my back.

  8. suzannekart

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    When I was in my 20's I was given an antidepressent for a depression that would not lift. In my life I would always feel like I had the flu when I was off an antidepressent. When I was on it I felt fine. When I was in my maybe early 40's I felt like I had the flu most of the time meds or not. The real pain came maybe 10 years later.. I had mono when I was 17 and know I never had much energy after that. Such a riddle. Suzanne
  9. Line

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    I also had growing pains as a kid but really no problems until I worked in a nursing home and started getting neck and shoulder pain, was put in a headlock and sarted getting more and more pain that spread into my chest and back. After two years of tests and more tests I was dxed with cmp and a year later with fm.

    Hugs, Linda
  10. bigmama2

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    i had bad asthma and allergies and lots of bronchitis as a kid , was always wired at nite. but my tiredness started around age 15. then at 16 or so depression, insomnia, and eating disorders and faigue came. did sorta better in college (still had insomnia and tiredness adn occas depr.)
    then after college had one year of semi depr, then had a few pretty good years!!!

    then at age 24ish the crap hit the fan- insomnia anxiety depr exhaustion etc. saw a shrink and got prozac and xanax to sleep. they helped alot.

    at 25 i got a very stressful job and that is when my REAL problems and CFS started. My asthma and allergies came back full force, my throat and glands were swollen and sore on and off for the first few years, I got sick alot too.I completely changed as a person.

    I have aways had less energy that all of my peers, but now it was much worse. I used to work out at gym every day and take lots of dance lessons too. I loved those 2 things so much. but i started doing less and less of them because i just couldn't -i was too TIRED!!!

    I could tell that I was majorly changing and something was very wrong with my health. of course all drs i saw said it was all due to my depression. then i started gaining weight. fast! i was extremely stressed out. was gaining 12 lbs a year. just trying to function at work was awful. i would nap in my car on lunch break. yea, that's normal. NOT!
    after 2 and a half years of this i quit the job.

    anyways that was 12 years ago. now i'm 37. i have been exhausted eversince. it's like i never recovered from the stress of that job. in the last decade all the other lovely things of cfs have arrived- irr bowel, tons of bizarre symptoms, pain in feet back shoulders neck, etc. each year i spend more time in bed. have lost 95% of my social life and friends because well, i am always in bed! or just out of it on the couch watching tv. I used to be very clean and tidy, and now my house looks like crack heads live here! trash everywhere, moldy dishes piled high, dog puke on the rug that i am too tired to clean up. etc.

    have seen no less that 15 drs of all kinds. NONE of them helped figure out what was wrong with me. had tons of tests done. None of them mentioned CFS.

    Just this last summer I decided to see a cfs specialist (philly FFC). well he ran tons of blood tests and FINALLY we found many abnormalities!!!!! he said my results were very consistent w cfs. so since then I have read tons of cfs books, joined this board, and am finallly getting somewhere!!!!!

    the ffc dr said my cortisol was low and rxd natural cortisol pills. so i went home and researched all about cortisol and adrenal fatigue. some info said that taking cortisol was great, but other info disagreed.

    I read a book called Adreanl Fatigue by dr wilson. he says its usually better to take glandular supps (made from animal adrenal glands). also he said to get a saliva cortisol test done. so i did and my results came back as very low cortisol, indication quite advanced adrenal fatigue and underfunction.

    I found a dr who specializes in treating this condtion, and have been taking the gland supplements for 2 months. My energy has been slowly improving. (insomnia still terible). but just this past week or so my energy has improved hugely!! and my insomnia went away. it this keeps up I will be a new person and be able to get my life back!!!???

    i am hopeful. this is the first real improvement i have had in 12 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i'll keep ya posted-

  11. Sandyz

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    I had horrible growing pains as a kid. I also had lots of headaches and respitory infections. When I was a teen, I started gettting terrible anxiety and nervousness. In my 20`s my back hurt and my legs were always jumpy and hurt. After having my first child at 33, the Fm really came out and I finally got diagnosed. Its been a long journey.

    FOYBOYFOY New Member