"What Will Jesus Do?"

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    "What Will Jesus Do?"

    If I came to Him in anguish,
    Suffocating with bills overdue,
    Pouring my 'plaint before Him ~
    What Would Jesus Do?

    Would He take my hand so tendr'ly,
    Say the answer's on its way,
    With reassurance hold me near,
    Or would He just walk away?

    If, by a friend, I'd been betray'd
    (My heart so sorely brok'n),
    Would Jesus turn His face away
    Without one word being spok'n?

    If I was suff'ring affliction
    (Pain was bringing me low),
    I needed His special healing touch ~
    Would Jesus just turn and go?

    If I was alone and homeless
    (Bereft of life's necessities),
    Forsak'n by family and lov'd ones ~
    Would Jesus ignore my pleas?

    If all human kind suffer'd loss?
    Would He carry it up to Golgotha,
    Nail our sins to the Old Rugg'd Cross?

    Would He face His Father's wrath,
    Pay the debt He did not owe?
    As Father turn'd His face away,
    Would Jesus die for loving us so ...

    And arise from the dead, Triumphant
    Alive EVERMORE, Redemption's plan?
    What Jesus Would Do ~ HE DID,
    Placing HIS authority in our hand!

    If you are in need, today
    (Just can't seem to make it through),
    Lay them all at the foot of the Cross.

    © 2002 by Mary Carter Mizrany

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