what work suits fms?

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  1. loops1988

    loops1988 New Member

    Hi there,
    I have fms and i am looking to go back to work.

    what work is best for those with fms as i have looked into many things and been told not to bother such as child care and office administration.

    I alos looked into being a nail techniction but that dosnt suit me

    please give me any help you can

  2. JuliannaG

    JuliannaG New Member

    I can understand not doing child care - too exhausting and draining, but working in an office sounds ideal.

    I work in an office in a library and can cope. Only thing is - if I sit for too long, when I get up, I can hardly move for the first few paces, but once the juices get flowing LOL, I'm O.K.

    Some people have difficulty spending too much time at the PC because of pains in their hands, but I don't have that problem thank goodness.

    How bad is your illness? How is it disabling to you?
  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    but w/all other things on my plate it narrows it down...

    i was thinking something on my couch...

  4. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    why not work with nails? you would have a ball at college re-training!

    whats grabs you? what do you just love doing? i knew a lady who loved knitting so she invested in a knitting machine and thats what she did. i don't know who for but she got paid.
    i adore my dogs and am studying in pet dog behaviour and psychology with a view of having a training class. i will do a residental course which will see me qualified when i can pay for it and i have some seminars to attend.
    at the mo i work for free but i see it as building a clientel (ooh sounds posh lol) and i work for free with the rescue i belong to.

    sit with a cup of tea and some biscuits (im on ginger nuts as i type) and think on whats screams out you!! once you have an idea then go for it!
  5. mariee

    mariee Member

    for more input
  6. Kat_in_Texas

    Kat_in_Texas New Member

    I am the sole admin asst for a small engineering firm, and absolutely love my work. I think this is the best type of work I could have with the FM. It helps that my boss and coworkers are understanding about my FM and are very lenient with me, and I also think the small office atmosphere helps a great deal. There are some stressful times of course but for the most part it's fairly slow paced.

    I have had several different types of jobs over the years, from bank teller to working in a chemical plant. This one is the best by far for my FM. I can sit and take it easy for the most part, and take breaks to get up and stretch when I need to. I'd hate to be on my feet again all day.

    Sometimes I feel so bad physically that I would give ANYTHING to quit and stay home, but I know I would just curl up in a ball and have no life whatsoever if I didn't have a job outside of the house. Each of us has to decide which is the best road for us; for me it's definitely better to continue working. Even on days when I feel so bad I can hardly get out of bed, I get up because I have to ... and I usually end up feeling better for it. Also, my job gives me a purpose, makes me feel good about myself (and my contribution to our checking account!), and takes my focus off of myself and how I'm feeling so that I'm not always dwelling on it.

    Of course, I do have times that I spend all weekend in bed recuperating from my week. Sigh. It's a tough trade-off sometimes.

    Good luck with your search, and let us know what you come up with!


  7. loops1988

    loops1988 New Member

    thanks for all you replys.

    At school the only things i wanted to do was being a I.T teacher, working with young children on work as an office administrator.
    I left school at 16 and worked in a small office as an apprentise. This was so hard for me:
    my boss was a nightmare and didnt seem to understand my problem. And i was the local run around of the office for tea making, filing etc...
    I managed to pass my apprentiship but soon left.
    I dont think i could go back in an office as i was aching all over when i sat down and walking around didnt help.
    I tried nails at home but it was a total disaster!! i was rubbish and my hands shaking caused alot of mess.
    I would not even attempt becoming a teacher as i would not beable to cope with the stress of teanagers!! (although i still am one myself!)

    Nothing jumps to me and i just feel like i am useless to all.

    I enjoy looking after my neice when i am able to, however it is so exhusting i only last a couple of hours so working with 2 year olds is a total no no!.

    Im just lost for ideas.

    Any more help is greatly apprechiated.

    Many thanks

  8. loops1988

    loops1988 New Member

    as for what disables me:

    -i am always tired no matter what i do
    -i have a headache the mojority of ever day
    -i have 22 tenderpoints throughout my body 16 of which ALWAYS hurt no matter what
    -my knees calapse when i walk and shakes when i hold the cluth pedal of my car at bite point.
    -i feel like i have no energy at all anytime (even though i do excerises in bed and with my excersie ball every day)
    -I get very emtional and sensitive about just about anything and take everything to heart as i am told!

    -i think thats about it.............lol

    heads up though and im not dwelling (i dont think anyway!)

  9. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    honey you are not useless! your niche is out there you just need to find your groove and have fun looking!!

    if you considered nails what about massage or aromatherapy?
    i don't recommend hair dressing i was sooo ill! i used to collapse black out and pass out at work! ugh :(

    if i had to do shop work i would apply for a shoe shop i llllovvvve shoes!
  10. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    I'm an assistant investment broker. Sounds good, but it is really a clerical position!

    I love it! I was downsized from my last job after 7 years. At the age of 50 it is not as easy to find a good job. Fortunately my boss was looking to hire someone a little more mature. Not sure he got that with me, but he's stuck with me now!

    I sit at a desk all day and stand up and move around as much as possible. The work can be stressful, but I have learned to do as much as I can and if the year end statements aren't filed at least I can find the ones the boss asks for!

    Have you considered a transcription job? We use a service where my boss calls in and dictates to the service recorder and the dictation comes back to me via email. It works great!

    Good luck! You will find something!


    Stop and smell the puppies!
  11. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    I've heard that medical transcription can be done from home.

    I've never done it, but it's an idea.

    Don't know about this, but how about Dog Grooming?

    Light Office work would be good. Or a telephone answering service?

    Contact your local agencies or go online for Jobs for people with disabilities. This may help you.

  12. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    I don't know if dog grooming would be a good idea. You spend a lot of time on your feet and my groomer picks my 80 pound golden up and puts him in her washing tub which is just a really big sink.

    I have trouble when he just lays his head in my lap!

    A call center sounds like a good idea, though.


    Stop and smell the puppies!
  13. Zzzsharn

    Zzzsharn New Member

    Can you consider something part time?

    I was thinking something like working as a lunch lady at an elementary school.

    Or how about at a salon answering phones and sweeping up hair, making appts. I think that environment for someone young would be nice, you need to feel good about yourself, and talking to other women - which is also a great way to meet people. People who need help with dog sitting or watering plants while they are away, or even house sitting..

    Or, a real estate assistant, answering phones and pulling up listings for realtors. It's office work, but you could do it from home.

    The key is to network.... sounds hard, especially when you are sick, but if you get out and talk to people, you'll be amazed!

    Good luck!

  14. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    I'm not too sure of. I know I couldn't give massages, oh my, I'd be in a spasm myself in no time. The fact about lifting dogs for dog grooming is also true. I was seriously going to start selling on Ebay but went there today to look into what it takes. Now it says there are already something like 43 states that are requiring that you collect taxes where you didn't have to before. Imagine sending off taxes to dozens of obscure towns! Then some places are requiring an auctioneers license, including the voice lessons to learn how to call auctions. Hey bidder, bidder, bidder...GOOD GRIEF! It used to be great for the stay at home mothers or disabled but they are shoving us out for the big dealers. Like the rest of the business stuff lately I guess.

    Good luck with whatever you do! I know I couldn't get out every day, and that doesn't leave alot. Transcriptionist for a doctor is good but there are a lot of scams, plus you HAVE to have good spelling and know medical terms. EYEEEEE! Too much for my feeble mind to even compute today!
  15. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    i know sometimes massaging could cause you to be in pain but not all massages are that physical and in hot stone therapy from what i've seen bung the stones on and smear some gunge around....now then louise, prove me wrong :)

    dog grooming is very physical even working on my shih tzu (in the pic) is very hard going and i set aside a day for her. i would hate to have to work on a newf or burmese!!

    in my suggestion for massage i was thinking along the lines of the beauty trade as nails had been thought about.. what about colour therapist? or make up artist?
    a friend of mine whose study is in make up did my wedding face for me and she's still at college, it was really good and looked like i was hardly wearing any :)
  16. loops1988

    loops1988 New Member

    i wouldnt be able to do dog grooming as i lost my dog last year of 17 years old. It was extremly hard and i still cry alot for her. I wouldnt be able to take being with dogs all day long.
    I wouldnt like to work in a salon as my sister used to and i couldnt stand the smell of perms ect...
    I have tried working in an office and although i left because of the fms - im not sure i actually like the job anyway!
    I have sold many thinks on ebay and i am a registerd seller (its having things to sell that is the problem!)
    I applied for wor in a bank months ago but i am not good at maths (although the computers count for you in a bank - part of the interview is maths and i failed!)
    I would love to become a full time mum but with my familys disaproval i probably would only have my partners support and he works long hours owning his own business and i wouldnt beable to cope on my own i dont think.
    I have been advised not to even look for a job by my doctor but i am so board.
    I am disabled and recieve incapacity benifet and disablilty living allowence and i have a car now through mobilty operations (driving test is next thursday 9th!!)
    I think i would be better of staying unemployed for my health reason but i am so board and i hate the fact people think im just a scrounger and taking all i can from the social.
  17. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    I like the idea of checking on jobs for the disabled. Some places has to or wants to meet a quoto in having employees that are disabled, or certain races, etc. It can be to their advantage.

    How about a part time job as cashier? One where you could sit on a stool or stand, you could alternate during your shift. Register is easy and tells you amount to give back etc. No bagging or getting things for the customers. You are young and pretty and that is an asset for any business.

    The reason I say part time is because going out and working will be new for you right now. See what you can tolerate. You are also less likely to miss work on part time hrs. and that is a good thing to have on your record for the next job.

    Also in getting out you can net work and when others know you, you never know what other job could come up.

    In other words you would be getting a introduction in to the work world. When looking for a job, talk to everyone. That is the way the best positions and ideas and opportunities come up.

    You are too young now, but you could also try selling, like insurance and work your own hours. You do not have to carry products on that job! LOL.

    Best to you.......
  18. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    I was a dog groomer and it is not a good job for Fm. The lifting alone i bad but it gets very stressful when he have a dog that is nipping at you or won`t hold still. The other thing is being in all that dog hair and dander would really flair up allergies. I never had any problem with dog allergies till I groomed. Now I do.

    Who was that person her that had gotten a job where she could work from home from some company that gave jobs to handicaped people? Something where we could work from home would be the best for us. THen we could rest of needed. We wouldn`t need to get all dressed up to go off to work. We could work in our PJs if need be.

  19. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    hi there
    i didnt twig until you mentioned ib and dla, i have a motability car too but i cant wait to give it back!! im not doing that again!

    dont apologise for your self you are not a scrounger, i know where your at and its hard i know, to feel like your not offering enough.
    have you considered voluntary work so you can try your hand at different things?
    my voluntary work is in dog rescue and through that ive been gaining experiance to help me in my study for dog trainer training.

    register with the papworth trust and you will get a disability adviser who will be able unlock all sorts of help for you and when you start work they give you a 'bonus' and when youve been in the job for 3 months you get another cheque ~ £300 in all i think.
  20. loops1988

    loops1988 New Member

    just wondering why you said you cant wait to give your mobility car back? I have had no problems with my car and it seems to be a reasonale arangment.

    if you dont mind me asking what is the problem with your car?