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    Sounds like you've really taken control over your life... And it's making a difference. I can't say much more at the moment, but shortly, Prohealth will be introducing a nifty little tool that will help you even more in understanding patterns and gaining more control. X
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    I am using Aloe vera, argi+ and omega 3 from forever living, but after I started using a mouth spray that increase my oxygen to my blood cells on a cellular level like 7 weeks ago I have gotten 95% better. My headaches are gone and I am not so tired anymore, I can even train again. Have looked lots online about the imortance of oxygen and the spray has to be the reason I got better. I use it more often that it says on the bottle. I got a tip from a friend of a friend and buy it now in a sport center.

    Hope this can help more people out there
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    What is the mouth spray you are talking about, @Recovered ME? You can't post a link to a site that sells products here, but you can say the name of a product.
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    Hi, It is called Hydrablast and I bought it in a sport center. You can find it also online: bit.ly/HydrablastUSA
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    One word: ANTIVIRALS.
    I am back to 75% of who I was before this DD took me down 15 years ago. WAHOO
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    I go through flare ups with IBS..has anyone heard of using the leaf of a wild sunflower to keep this under control? I was just told by someone yesterday that simmering these leaves and taking just .. one...teaspoon will really work. Anyone?
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    My name is Fay Turner, and I enjoy meeting new people and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience. I am dedicated, passionate and outgoing. Hope everyone's well! I am a survivor!
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    I have tried the leaf..went out and picked them, seeped it, and oh man, not a good taste, but it did what I was promised by a gal that said I should try it. I was having a really hard time with constipation at the time. A day later, I'm not having that problem. Oh, it works. Also, I have tried the apple cider vinegar .. with "The Mother" in it. It also works for this same problem. They both work, fast.
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    Welcome. I come on here once in a while, not as often as I used to. I still find some help when needed. I love the spiritual board when it is active. Glad to hear that you have a positive outlook on all of this. :)
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    My FM is Gone..My chronic Lyme is Gone. The magnetic sleep pad is the real deal. I will be posting the science of how it works soon. This will also benefit CFS and ME.
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    I'M BACK!
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    Magentico therapy is my gift to this forum..I have over 10 years of research into the causative factors of chronic illnesses.

    I am complete recovered from CFS, FM and Chronic Lyme.

    I have many post on this forum..

    How did I do it?

    Methyaltion Support and Magnetic Chelation..

    I am gluten free, dairy free and support my Methylation cycle with key supplements.

    The key to my Full Recovery was sleeping on a Magentico sleep pad every-night.

    Please share this information.

    Much Love,

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