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    Wow! Woke up without pain for the first time I can remember! The mattress topper seems to conform to whatever position your body is in and support it! I feel great!
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    I have this shake every day. To suit your taste add the ingredients in 1/4 to 1/2 cup intervals except the powder...Fresh frozen Blueberries, Strawberries, Unsweetened Apple Juice, Plain Yogurt, and 1 scoop of this powder, Nature's Plus Brand Spiru-tein High Protien Powder ( Available at GNC online) It comes in Strawberry, Vanilla & Chocolate flavors. I am partial to the Vanilla in this shake. I have lost a tremendous amount of weight by supplementing with this and felt better every day before the weight loss even started. It is rather exspensive so I wouldnt start it until you know youll be able to keep it going. Years ago, when my disease symptoms first started, I had one every day, and then finaces dictated I couldnt afford to stay on it. I went into the worst stage's of the illness after that. Medications were cheaper through our insurance company, and I stayed on them for over four years. They kept me going. Now I am able to stay off of all the RX'S. I also use one other supplement with each meal, Acidophilus...this is a great product! It illiminates the explosion in the intestines with any foods I eat, and the swelling. My intestines are shot from this illness. I have found by paying attention to what foods do to them, has helped. I only eat few amounts of poultry and fish. The rest of my diet is basically Salad lettuces. It takes some getting used to, but the benefits of feeling so much better outweigh the foods I cant have. Just experiment and be patient. It is true that most of the foods americans grew up on are unsuitable for "(Most)" of us with this Illness. Also I have found I am my own phychiatrist when one isnt available. I keep myself strong and encouraged...stress free, as much as possible, is very important to my energy levels.I have changed because of CFS/FMS but I still want to live... the best I can each day. Keeping foods that are good for my body in my intestines so the nutrients can be absorbed is also a big help. The IBS drugs dont help me, so these are things I have done to help myself in place of them. I am not free of symptoms, I still have days of fever and pain, however I am so much better every day that goes by then the day before. And I am a functioning part of my life. I wish you all a great holiday season. Beejn
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    Aside from medicine and supplements - I reluctantly joined Curves at the urging of my doctor...wow, I can't believe the difference only 3 weeks later.

    I can really pace myself and I am more mobile and more able to adapt to the machines every day, I found there were other FM sufferers as well as arthritis and a variety of other disabilities that people have that go there, one lady shows up with her walker everyday! The age range there is mostly in the late thirties to late eighties! They've inspired me!!!
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    I have had ebv for 4yrs...i have tried numerous things...untill i discovered this supplement called immunical..my daughters teacher's wife has a severe immune disease since she was young...she was in and out of hospitals or bedridden...she almost died 3 times...well, i would see her out and about...she had changed doctors and he recommended trying this supplement. It was
    discovered by two doctors...celine dion's husband was on it when he
    had cancer...it is derived from milk...milk was suppose to be a immune
    booster but the pasterizing destroys this supplement.. these two
    doctors managed to put it in powder form ...it is similar to mothers
    breast milk...if you could just try it for one month...what do you
    have to lose...I take one packet of the immunical platuim a day...if i miss taking it for two days..i get sick..so i up to two packets a day untill i feel better...now the teachers wife takes up to 4 packets a day..the web site is immunitec.com...before i found out about this supplement...what help me ..was having my little maltese dog gino next to me the whole time..i didn't feel so alone or as depressed...i do have a husband and kids..but thier lives still went on while mind was at a stand still...my heart goes out to all of you...
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    Yes, I would say, that is pretty much the way I got throught it also, was from nutrition, starting with the probiotics to strengthen my stomach, and then on a course of natural herbs and vitamins for all the ails that accompanied my CFS. I got a virus just awhile ago, which really wiped me out also, my have been taking natural anti inflamatoris from a naturopath, as my liver doesn't tolerate drugs at all
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    I can't be entirely sure, since I have been on a plethora of supplements, but I do think that these two have helped the most

    Transfer factor
    5 mushroom extract

    Both are meant to dramatically boost your Natural Killer cells, which are essential for viral infections. My practitioner has had consistent success with these for viral induced cfs.


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    Guai Procotol-tons of RO water daily-Ultram ER for pain. I'm not in bed 24/7 so I'll keep with this program. I'm not cured but I am better and not worse for the time being.
    Dee50 :}
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    Hi everyone,
    I haven't found anything that has made a dramatic difference but have found thing that help enough to make a difference.

    To help me sleep I take a magnesium, calcium, zinc combo. Also kolonipin and an over the counter sleep aide.

    I'm now taking sublingual B12 and cytomel for a suspected hypothyroid.

    I have a heating pad also that I love and a pain rub (like icy hot)
    I have also changed to non-toxic cleaning products and a high potent vitamin. I came across a company that sells non-toxic cleaning and bath and body products,etc. My website is www.luvinhealthyhomes.com. We do happen to be having a December special. You get $100 in free products if you join by the 18th.

    These are some of the thing that have helped me. Still looking for more things though.

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    What is Transfer Factor and where do you get it?
  10. LongStruggle

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    What is in Antiviral Valtrex and where do you get it?
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    It is doubtful that this is currently my key problem as I have been seeing a chiropractor for years and lately my neck has been doing well. But, just in case I would like to have this doctors name, address, and phone # handy. Does he also have a website?
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    Including massage therapy, physical therapy, and trigger-point injections, also just started on a high "meat" and protein diet, cutting out the breads and cheeses I usually live off of(I usually hate meat and don't eat it, but I am trying some suggestions from my new doctor who specializes in FMS)which surprisingly is helping with less inflamation. When I'm not "too" flared up I workout via treadmill or eleptical machine, to keep things loose and moving.I start the day with a hot bath or jacuzzi to get my body warmed up.
    I'm in pain daily, but if I keep up with the treatment I can work part time.
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    what is it??
  14. luvumore

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    what is it??
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    I am new to the forum, and am interested in starting on D-Ribose. I live in Miami. Where can I find a good source of it at a reasonable price either locally or online? Thanks.
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    help different people that it's very overwhelming to me. I was diagnosed recently with FM and CFS. The worst pain for me during a flare up is in my stomach. The only thing that has helped is a stomach tranquilizer called Glycopyrrote. I am wondering if anyone else has ever taken it and gotten good results?
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    The best thing I did was have a sleep study. I have alpha intrusion which prevents me from getting restorative sleep.

    I was given Xyrem (the date rape drug) which I've been taking nightly for 3 years. I have improved so much that with pain medication during the day and Xyrem at night I hardly have a day when I can't function.

    Many fms patients have a sleep disorder. Treating this problem has made a 75% improvement in my daytime activities.

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    I have previously been overwhelmed with the need to budjet my energy and do the essentials etc..
    Just lately I have been going out to my back room and rearranging shapes, textures and colours to make pleasing patterns.
    It is very transforming mentally and the activity is fairly low on energy..It is good to get lost in an activity and has been a bit of a new experience..
    I wear a mask, when I need to use glue to make my creations permanent.
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    I have had fibro for more than 20 years... and have tried everything. So far, I think your recommendation sounds the best regimen. I will give it a try... thanks much.
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    hydrocodone for breakthrough pain
    physical therapy
    trigger point injections
    hot showers
    outdoor activity when I can
    read in bed to take my mind off the pain and depression
    a compassionate hubby
    watching funny movies and laughing
    being as in control of my illnes as I can
    owning 2 loving dogs