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    Was what my Dr. ordered thinking it might help. He started me slow, and then increased the dosage. After about six weeks I was so anxious I couldn't stand it.
    I have heard that sometimes anti-depressants can have that effect on people and the anxiety eventually goes away.
    I was having a really rough time at work, so I had to go off of it and back on Wellbutrin which I'm not sure helps my FM or not.
    Has anyone else experienced anxiety with Cymbalta?
    I am new to this....diagnosed 3 months ago, but not new to all the symptoms I'm sad to say.
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    Ok the icon I chose isn't mad but there is no question icon? You know the smiley with the question over its head!
    So ok no sugar! That sounds awesome, but then what do you eat? Tell me! Blessings~~Imasleephelp
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    Ok, I think I said this, but I have had CFS since 1998 and I'm looking to find a more natural approach without overdosing because I'm already on alot of Western Meds which is fine but no more. The side affects are too difficult. Please don't try and shove your ideas, just share. Thanks~~Imasleephelp
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    Please share if you are homebound and what works since you are if you are. In America~~Imasleephelp
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    Move my stuff from the end up Moderator!~!~Imasleephelp
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    It may be something that I would be interested in trying.
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    Could you please explain what this is?
  8. Shalala

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    I am on that and I feel I did better on Effexor. The only difference I can tell is that my hands seem to be a little better but my headaches/migraines are much worse (I think that is due to stress and anxiety). Also the $$$cost$$$ is outrageous. I have to see the DR and try something else.
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    I was diagnosed with EBV & CFS in 1989 (freshman in college)... I do believe that a healthy diet and getting ample sleep has helped. I have been to numerous doctors over the past years and no one seems to know how to treat this mystery disease. I decided to go to a Homeopathic doctor last week. He gave me a shot of a "remedy" and i am still waiting to feel better (having a 6 month old & 3 yr old does not help)! He also told me to try a product called Zeolite (www.zeoliteinfo.com). He said that will rid my body of all kinds if toxins and will help improve my overall health and well being. I will try it this week and get back to you all. Anyone heard of this or try it?
  10. smurfychicky

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    Admitting I needed professional help!
    When I got that help:
    1) Flurox
    2) Stopping drug & alcohol abuse
    3) Light excersize
    4) Evening Primrose Oil
    5) Fish Oil
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    I believe Neurontin is used for neuropathic pain or all over muscleskeletal pain. My hubby was on it & not for anxiety.

    I hope that may help someone.

    your friend-
  12. pearls

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    - Getting the diagnosis: fibromyalgia with myofascial pain and chronic fatigue

    - Pain meds to take me over the pain plateau and back down again (I took Oxycontin and Vicodin, but now only take the Vicodin as needed)

    - Retirement!

    - Learning to pace my activities

    - A good multi-vitamin/multi-mineral pill, plus C complex, B complex, calcium, Omega3 fish oil, CoQ10, fiber tabs, vitamin E, Ginko-biloba, etc.

    - Oatmeal every morning, which helps curb my desire for snacks (I eat mine with cinnamon, vanilla, raisins, sunflower seeds, green pumpkin seeds, and toasted walnuts so I actually like something now I used to detest!)

    - a loving husband

    - a good pain doctor

    - a good chiropractor

    - a good internist

    - a heating pad in my recliner

    - walking

    - gardening

    - getting out in the sun

    - Neurontin

    - drinking lots of fluids (I've learned to love teas: caffeine tea in the moring and either decaf or herbal the rest of the da)

    - learning to let some stuff go, like housework

    - Vicks Vapo rub (a little over the bridge of my nose at night gives my sinuses the feeling of being less stuffy

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    hi ya all - 1st time here & very new w/dis stuff
  14. XxRebeccaSxX

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    What works for me is more of an attitude remedy. I'm 23 and have been dealing with fibromyalgia for some time now, I went through major depression spells with a lot of anger at people who didn't understand that the pain was real for years before I accepted it in myself.

    It helps to appreciate my effort when I'm feeling more or less physical and understand that there isn't any personal judging going on. Sometimes it's easy to match discomfort with a criticizing thought towards myself like thinking that what I feel is what I'm projecting towards the world that is a downer to be around, but it really isn't taking energy from other people or about them or making me negative. Start to be more on your side by directing a nurturing attitude towards yourself and your uniqueness and right to be comfortable as much as you can be. Fibromyalgia can be a big part of your life but there are parts of yourself and your life that can remain in wonderful tact during the rough patches like love and thanks for all the support and understanding that exists in the world when it does exist.

    Trust me, self support goes a long way. If there are any attitudes that you have that make you suffer more than you have to by directing impatience with yourself at yourself (like feeling like you're a burden) let it go as much as you can each day. :)

  15. Faith1968

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    Hi Stormy,

    you said you used Probiotics for candida....is this a perscription....or can you get it over the counter? I get alot of yeast infections. My first one I was only 11. Thanks!

  16. Faith1968

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    I noticed you wrote green food drink and someone else wrote about it to. What is this?

  17. Faith1968

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    Hi, you mentioned the thyroid....My younger sister has Graves Disease and my older sister has thyroid hypo....I have thought that maybe my fibromyalgia could be directly linked to the thyroid based on this fact alone...but my tests always come back normal. Is there something I am missing? Some particular test that I should ask for? Thanks!!


    SAMIGIRL New Member

    could you tell me what d-ribose is. i have fibromyalgia and hurt all the time , my pain meds only take the edge off a little.

    and i am so tired of feeling the same way everyday
    any suggestions i'd appreciate

    thank you
  19. LuvQuilting

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    As of today since I have tried many things!

    1. Quitting my very physical job!

    2. Learning to pace myself and not do much physical stuff for very long.

    3. Neurontin

    4. Praying for strength

    5. Meditation and relaxation tapes.

    6. Mild exercise (walking, stretching)

    6. Changing my thinking to be more positve so that the pain doesn't scare me as much.
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    This is my first time posting-not sure what I'm doing. I was curious as to what the shake consists of?