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    Hello and welcome!

    A few suggestions since you're new:

    Try posting your shake question on the general board, you'll get more answers. This board is just for "what worked for me", not really Q+A. You can also search on the general board by subject. If you put in "shake" I'm sure you'll find lots of info.

    Fill out your bio with whatever info you feel comfortable revealing. At the least, it would be a good idea to say what illness you suffer from, eg: FM or CFS.

    Hope this helps!

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    The dislocated first cervical vertebra, called the atlas, is the main cause of dysfunction in the body & the psych, of pain, disability, infirmity, & degeneration. I have been suffering with FMS/CFS for 6 years, also high levels of EBV. Tried both western medicine & alternative with no relief. For the last 2 years I have been pursuing the theory that the C1 vertebra is out of alignment & causing my symptoms. Several chiropractors confirmed that my C1 was out but the adjustments they made could not permanently keep it in. I even did long term chiropractic treatment in Tahoe with some success. Four months ago I was introduced to a new treatment for the dislocated atlas. It is a safe method by means of specific massage, spasm of the short muscles in the neck can be relieved, freeing the atlas to its natural position. A single session ($250) and the once dislocated atlas has been correctly repositioned, it cannot get out of place again. It is called the Atlas Pro-filax. The dislocated atlas causes a narrowing of the hole at the base of the skull & the spinal canal. As a result the spinal cord & some of the cranial nerves & nerve pathways are permanently compressed. Permanent pressure is placed on the vertebra & carotid arteries & associated blood vessels. My body
    is HEALING! I am getting stronger every week. Anxiety, depression, brain fog, fatigue & pain is gone. I still have some tight muscles on the right side of my neck, I continue to have massages. Numbness & tingling in hands and feet are gone. Headaches, dry mouth, blurred vision and a heavy head are gone. 2 months after this treatment I am sleeping. I have sent several fibro friends for this treatment and they are all healing. There are three practitioners, they are not chiropractors, in the US, all are in California. I am thrilled to share this information, I know it sounds too good to be true but my mind was open and I was ready.

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    Has anybody tried this ......the Guaifenesin Protocol.....I just found it in a book......."Everything your doctor has NOT told you about Fibromyalgia". This is related to removing phosphates from the body?????? Still researching and would appreciate any input????? Experiences????
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    I was on guaif for 2 years. I was a patient of Dr. St. Amand. I had some improvement but it was a tedious treatment to follow but I did it. About 14 months ago I
    went off of it and did chiropractic treatment. I am no
    longer on it, doing well after the Atlas Pro Filax treatment. Lena
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    OPC-3 is an all natural supplement that fights free radicals. It contains pine bark extract, red wine extract and grape seed extract. It allows your body to heal itself. I started taking it and every week I noticed improvement. I lucklily have very few symptoms now and it's only once in a while. The woman who introduced me to it said that I would see results by the end of one bottle and I really did. I started working again 2.5 months after starting to take OPC-3 and have now been at my job for almost a year and a half. Here is a link to information about OPC-3.

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    Over the past two years I have been eating a more healther diet and doing a lot of home cooking.

    I have found that pineapple, garlic, onions and other foods with nateral anti-infalmortorys, have helped me. I now have a lot more energy and i am more paine free.

    I make my own Pizzas, savery tarts, using wholemeal flour, free range and organic foods; because i have made it myselfe I know what is in it.They help me feel less tired.

    I have found the moment I go back to erating junk food or processed food I feel really ill; aso have nticed that foods high i suger and salt make me fell unwell too.

    I total recomend eating a good healthy diet, five potions of fresh fruite and veg a day,foos high in whle grans, plenty of water and using whle meal flouer to make things with.

    I am also going to try to eat more fresh fish rich in omega 3, so thats samon, tuna, sardiens and other oily fish, theses too are natural anti-infamoretries. Walnut are good too, sadly i can not eat nuts as I have an allergiey.

    hope this helpful, oh and try yoga or other gental excercise too, as I have found this helps with stiffness.

    Stay posative and take things one step at a time, and most inportanly have fun to.

    thanks for reading

    please do reply

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    Do you know of anyone in Northern Calif who does this treatment?
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    anniegal, there is a Michael Haene in Nevada City, CA. His phone number is on the website atlasprofilax.com

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    Hey Everyone.

    I have started on Fibro Complete Multi and it seems to help me get that boost needed in the mornings. My pain is somewhat taken care of with Darvocet and Morphine, but am looking for an alternative.

    If you cannot work...DON'T! Get yourself well.

    I am starting on probiotics and will try to get back to you all on how it's working.

    Take care
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    You struck a nerve! I get so tired of people (mainly my husband) saying that I just need to exercise. He just doeans'nt get it!
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    I have still not reached a level of health that I want, but I'm much better than when diagnosed a few years ago. I have been a vegetarian for the past year. I don't know if it is the cause, but I feel better. I do eat dairy food. Also, I try to get to bed at 10-10pm. I almost alwasy have a cup of hot chamomile (sp?) tea. My favorite is mixed with mango. Yum, and so relaxing. I eat fresh fruit several times a day and vegetables of some kind everyday, but not enough.

    I use the slow cooker a lot so I have a rice and bean or other dish ready to warm up. That way, when I'm not up to cooking and want to eat something not as good for me, I can reheat it and have a meal.

    I also take elavil, 25mg., tramodol, 50-100 mg. every night. Sometimes I take tramadol in the daytime too. Recently, I started taking Wellbutrin. It might help-but too soon to tell for sure. I tried other combinations of medication and different doses. This is the best for me. I am a little groggy in the morning, but not bad. Any less and I don't sleep and I hurt.

    I'm trying to be good taking vitamins. I just hate to take more pills of any kind.

    Oh yes, I get a lot of cramps, so I often sleep with a heating pad on my legs, especially if I wear a pair of shoes I haven't worn in awhile, day.

    Of course I need to run a fan or I get too hot.

    A hot tub or shower is great too.
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    Xyrem - 9 mls twice each night
    Oxycotin - 180 mgs every 8 hours
    Oxycodone - 30 mgs 4 times a day
    Singular once a day
    Zyrtec once a day
    Premarin 1.25 once a day
    Bentyl twice a day
    Phenergan twice a day
    Requip - one in the morning and one a bedtime
    Clonidine twice a day
    Xanax - twice a day
    Flexeril 4 times a day

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    When You used the "Green Food Drink" was it the one from the store here? I just wondered.

    I went off the provigil. I'm taking my multivitamin, my slo-mag and drinking Ensure so I won't lose anymore weight due to the ulcers on my tongue.

    No I don't have a linguring cold. Yes I do have CFS and I've had it since 1998 and Sept. 2005 until present has been the worst and my Dr. and I and my family and friends don't want it to get worse. The ulcers on the tongue are either A) Hives or B) A result of the Dry Mouth disorder (not cottonmouth) from meds and/or CFS. Also, Dry Mouth can cause you to lose your taste, and it has. So we don't think the sores and whelps on my tongue and on my outside of my face are going away anytime soon. My Dr. is going to start me on low-dose Heparin which worked for two friends of mine who have CFS.

    They went off of it after 2 years, but they had already started a strong regimin of suppliments and nutrition. And now they have one of the State of Virginia's largest Support Groups.

    Blessings and thanks for any help.~~Islebabe
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    What is that? Bromalaine? Let me know. Islebabe
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    Yeah, I just reported Cymbalta and Provigil to the fDA.
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    I take my meds daily have oatmel for break-fast ( no sugar)
    Exercise on the treadmill
    Drink a glass of fresh made juice
    Flax oil with omega3
    multi organic multi vitamin and I feel great for the most part. I get a little tired from time to time. Oh and the most important one YOGA!! I practive breathing exercising and yoga and it has helped be to turn the negative into a positive.
    I hope this can help someone out there but I think the most important thing to remember is that... Health is something that we need to work out with LUPUS and we have to never forget that.
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    I don't think ya'll realized how much your information has helped me want to help myself supplimentally and nutritionally. HAY!! I got to go out today with my hubby and that's a big deal when you are homebound.!!
    Thanks again``Islebabe
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    I was telling Stormsky (sp?) the same thing I'm going to tell you!!! What ya'll have done by posting what helped you is amazing!!! It's helping me to help myself in the ways that you guys have.
    I have a group at Google for Christians with CFS and it's called Beauty Angel Island.
    And I have a blog for all to read about my last 6 months with this dang disease at: http://beautyforchrist.braveblog.com
    Come visit.
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    Lisa~~It's as I was telling Stormsky (sp) (sorry it's the "wooze") and Gothbubbles, ya'll don't know how important this private work you have done and listed it out for others like me is helping so very much. I keep thinking that girl or lady, went totaly sugarfree!!! HOW?
    Cold Turkey? What? I just thank that you are all amazing!!
    My blog is: http://beautyforchrist.braveblog.com
    and I have google group at Google called Beauty Angel Island.
    Blessings~~Islebabe (I'm not use to this because everywhere I go people call me beauty!
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    What is the name of the antidepressant developed for neuropathy but works well for fibro folk as well. It is both an SSRI and SNRI.