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    Lots of good info here. I am new to this site, have had CFS for about 10 yrs or so. At least I've had the symptoms--no Dr has diagnosed me because all the tests some back negative. Hmpf.
    Like many, Ive found that a proper nutritious diet is key. While my husband can eat all the junk he wants and feel just fine, I am very sensitive to food. I avoid soda, fast food, aim for lots of fruits/veggies and herbal teas daily. Also, I take:

    Brain Booster supplement
    Flax seed capsule
    Digestive Aid for IBS
    Digestive Aid for Gas
    Extra B, C, E as needed
    Benadryl at night to sleep

    I try hard to monitor my thoughts and keep the nagging, guilt-producing comparisons to 'well' people from poisoning my mind and my life. It's a constant struggle since I would LOVE to be well and do all that the neighbors or other family members can do. We are not lazy! No one in their right mind would choose this illness, so I try to stay positive and not let too high expectations get me down.

    Good luck and Good health to you all.

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