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    I used to suffer from Fibro for the past 2 years and I am only 29 years old. It was devistating when I found out that I had this. My husband had started his own business and money was tight so stress stress stress! Nothing worked for the first year and then I found 2 products that I now take and I have 2 or less episodes a month of pain. It is so exciting for me. So I started taking Isagenix cleanse for life juice 2 oz twice a day. It helps remove toxins from your body. I also take 2 vitamin D3 liquid gels.....I don't know why liquid gels but they work and regual Vitamin D3 doesnt work the same. I am currently on a medication called Prestiq but I don't know that it helps at all. If you want to try the isagenix products visit this website and watch the videos.......I am a lifer on these prodcuts anything to take this chronic pain away. [url removed as per rules]

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