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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by detsgirl, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. detsgirl

    detsgirl New Member

    Yesterday I was at work. I had this site up and was reading the informations. No big deal, the store was dead and my manager doesn't care if we are online. So, I leave the computer and she comes over and reads about FM.
    Later the day, I was busy and was having trouble with a customer's account. Not just that it was difficult, but that she was talking and playing the radio loud. -Yes, I asked her to turn it down....she had a smart a## comment to make. Mind you, there are customers in the store.....So, I'm dealing with her and with the customers and she says to me, "Why can't you figure this out, is it "Brain Fog"? She again was being a smart a##. I know she read it here because she asked me about it earlier. I have been thinking of calling the HR department but one other girl called on her and she made her life a living hell until she quit.
    What would you do????
  2. TerryS

    TerryS Member

    I would think you could discuss the matter with HR and have it documented in the records without anything necessarily being done about it. The HR department NEEDS to know how this person is behaving for the record. Maybe they know her personally enough to advise you how to handle her. I HATE WORKING WITH SMART ALECKY PEOPLE!!! I usually just put up with them.

  3. Loveyame

    Loveyame New Member

    I agree with Terry.
  4. detsgirl

    detsgirl New Member

    I usually just ignore her. She is a pain, This is going to be gross, but she burps, farts and does other gross things all day long. She talks none stop about sex and looks at porn on the computer. The other day she farted and messed her pants and had to go home. Its more then gross. She takes naps on a sleeping bag in the back room. She comes in, clocks in and leaves for hours, then comes back and clocks out. She had 93 hours on her time card.........I am guessing she was there for maybe 50. for two weeks.

    I have had it up to my neck with her. I was putting up with it until she attacked the FM. That was just below the belt!!
  5. janbolee

    janbolee New Member

    I personally would either tell her off,or and if that did'nt work I'd go up to the chain of command,and make a complaint,because if you don't stop this kind of behavoir it will continue for the next person,so please step up and do the right thing.good luck
  6. hob

    hob New Member

    ask them to document it and to keep in confidental. If it happens again however I believe you should let them know. It is just like sexual harassment. It should not be tolorated in the workplace.
  7. littleleafhopper

    littleleafhopper New Member

    Hey Prickles,

    What a clever idea! Turn the table on her! I just might use that one myself in a different situation.

    Wow, Yours Lil
  8. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I'm with Prickles. In fact I'd let it go this time but if it continues I'd say something lightly to her like Sorry, not funny, then if she continued I'd speak to HR and get it documented.

    I'd weight the stress of your manager's tasteless comment with the stress you'd have talking to HR and dealing with possible whiplash from the manager. No, you're not wimping out, it's just a matter of taking best care of yourself. Maybe all you need to do to diffuse the situation at this time is to smile. She sounds like she needs all the friends she can get! Ugh.

    You know, WE know, that you're doing a terrific job just being there at all.

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