WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW About mail order pharmacies

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    I think this is important to know about mail order.Some of us who do not have insurance may try this.One way to protect yourself against counterfeit medications.

    I have decided if they don't ask for a written script than maybe I am taking a chance on hurting myself and getting sicker if they are counterfeit.This is a chance that I am NOT willing to take.

    Just thought it would be great info to pass on.

    Internet sales
    In industrialized countries and to some extent in poorer countries, Internet-based sales of pharmaceuticals are a major source of counterfeit medicines, threatening those who seek cheaper, stigmatized or unauthorized treatments. Some Internet pharmacies are completely legal operations, set up to offer clients convenience and savings. They require patient prescriptions and deliver medications from government licensed facilities. Illegal Internet pharmacies sell medications without prescriptions and use unapproved or counterfeit products. In some cases, Internet pharmacies are operated internationally and sell products that have an unknown or vague origin.

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