whatis this stuff from Prohealth help and how does it help CF?

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  1. angelajoy

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    I'm new to this and I am wondering which one of these prohealth herbs stuff help- I have chronic fatigue - and I am raising two little girls and I am very tired almost all the time- I have the transfer factor by 4 life- I am wondering what is this stuff amd how does it work? most importantly how do people get better and recover- the doctor has me on all sorts of meds - and they help some- but I still don't have energy to exercise
    let me know
  2. Slayadragon

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    My doctor, who knows a whole lot about CFS and is very good, was big on transfer factor for a while. I took it for a few months but didn't notice any significant improvement. You can spend an infinite amount of money on treatments for CFS, and since that one's pretty expensive I decided it wasn't worth it for me.
  3. hugs4evry1

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    I started taking PH's Fibro Complete Multi w/Malic Acid a few months ago, right after I quit smoking and I noticed a difference in my energy the very first time I took it.

    I put hubby on it too, he's been sick the last year and getting progressively worse. He too likes this vitamin.

    I then started doing more research on the store and found a few other things that I thought would help, ordered them and slowly added them to what we take each morning.

    We both found tons of improvement.

    Since each one of us is different, our illnesses are different and our medications too, we have to adjust what we take to suit ourselves.

    But I do know that the vitamins and supplements they sell here are high quality and they've helped me tremendously. They are also well worth the price.


    Nancy B
  4. PVLady

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    There are no easy answers. Every treatment is "trial and error" for everyone. What may help one person, makes another sick.

    The best thing is to read alot of posts and after a while, perhaps decide what you want to try.

    Please remember to let your doctor know if you start new supplements, herbs, etc. or discuss it with your pharmacist.

    Supplements,including herbs, sometimes interact with other medicines we take. Your best expert there is the pharmacist is my opinion.

    I recently starting taking a supplement called Corvalen. I had never heard of it, but it is helping muscle pain/aches.

    A medical doctor gave it to me but it is a supplement. You could spend a fortune trying all sorts of vitamins which may or may not help.

    I wish you luck...
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    Lots of nice people here to share experiences, tips, jokes, etc.
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    PH's Fibro Complete Multi w/Malic Acid has really helped me. Pro Healths product seems to be a step or more above the others.

    They contribute a certain amount of the profits to research and they do other things that helps us. They have a helpful newsletter (email type) that they send us, if you apply for it.

    We learn of PH store sales and updates on the latest data and info on our illness. The founder has CFS. He is a remarkable person.

    We never know what will help us until we try it. Not the same for everyone. But I think that PH's Fibro Complete Multi w/Malic Acid is a top saler. Maybe not, but I read a lot of positive about it here.

    Will be looking for you........Susan
  7. Mikie

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    Transfer factors improve the immune system by training it to fight pathogens. Most of us with CFIDS have from one to seven chronic infections. If a person has cancer, or a strong family history, or if there is an autoimmune illness, like Lupus or MS, transfer factors may not be a good idea. The doc would know.

    Another really good supplement is probiotics. I like the Jarro Dophilus sold here. It replaces the good bacteria in the gut which time and medications have killed off. Immunity begins in the gut and getting it healthy will help. Probiotics help prevent Leaky Gut Syndrome, a serious condition. Be sure to discuss these things with your doc so he or she knows what is going on.

    This board is a wealth of info. I also recommend the e-newsletter. You can order a catalog which has the supplements in groups according to what they do or what symptoms they address. A large percent of the proceeds goes to research and advocacy. To date, more than $2.5 million has been raised through sales here.

    Glad you found us. BTW, there is a Transfer Factor message board here. Click on Message Boards in the strip above and then click on Transfer Factor. You get back here the same way.

    Love, Mikie