What're my options?New RA Diagnosis work too DEMANDING

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ddaj1, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. ddaj1

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    I am a 52 YO nurse working in a Float Pool, who was diagnosed w/ RA 7 weeks ago. I informed my boss, a huge hospital in central Ca, that the only place I had problems working at was the ER, because there are really no chairs for the nurses to use the entire shift. Last week, she took special care to send me to the exact place I physically was unable to tolerate. In the middle of the shift,I told her I was hurting a lot, and she said," Be sure to take your break." I was not even needed there that day, as I was on orientation. I got the feeling I was being given a lesson, "No one can pick where they work when they are in the Float Pool!" Another comment was something like, "I guess you'll have to fid another job if you have limitations."As someone with RA, am I allowed some flexability by the American's with Disability Law? I needed two whole days to recover, and am petrified I'm going to be sent back again. Any input?
  2. caffey

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    May I suggest you post on the arthritis board. Most of us have ra and would love to help you. I am a nurse so I undertand completely where you are coming from. Unfortunately I am not from the US so I can't help you with legal issues. There are people on the arthritis board who know this stuff and can probably help you. I was so fortunate when I was working , they were so supportive and accomodating. Actually it is 3 years now since I have worked and I am still considered a member of the staff and said if I ever get well enough to come back all I need is a doctors note. Wish all employers were like that. All the best. Will look for you on the other board.
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    you might want to talk to a lawyer who specializes in disability, to get some hard facts about your rights.

    I believe, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, an employer is not allowed to discriminate against a disabled employee, and must make appropriate accomodations. However, I am NOT a lawyer, and it's been a long, long time since I looked at the ADA.

    One would think that people in health care would be compassionate, but not always, darn it.

    my 2.5 cents,
    Beth. (also an RN)
  4. suzetal

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    You can take the FMLA===Family medical leave act.Your doctor sings it and than your employer.This law give you the chance to take time off and not loose your job or position.

    You can take it for a full year I did.Than I could not go back .I am now on SSD.

    You can also take an FMLA intermittent leave this one gives you time for doctors appointments and days when you need to leave early or take a day off.

    Good Luck
  5. ddaj1

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    Hi Sue, thanks for the info re: leaving early! I had no idea I had that option. I filed the Intermittant FMLA papers, actually that very day, as my rheumatologist had just signed them the Friday before. What's the deal with "not loosing your position"? I've only been in Ca. for 3 years and am new to the system?
  6. ddaj1

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    Hi, where are you from? What's the srthritis board? I am really trying to learn all I can about everything. And I can tell I've been very much in the dark, like so many others who do not suffer from RA. Just to talk/ write to someone who has walked this road is great. The words I initially heard from my manager where kind and supportive. What a shock to hear the attitude over the phone and see the look in her eyes when she said, 6 weeks after I told her I had RA, "I didn't mean that I could help you keep away from ER forever." I could try to educate her that 6 weeks into therapy for RA is still at the beginning, but would that sound like whining?
  7. ddaj1

    ddaj1 New Member

    I appreciate the details. Ihave placed calls to the HR department and not recieved answers from the correct person. I guess it's time to be persistant

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