What's comes after SSDI approval

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by irox, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. irox

    irox New Member

    I have not seen any post on next step. I have been on disabilty for several years. For Crohns. I have FM and other junk. Just wanted to let you all keep these things in mind:

    1. You could go up for review(ask when your next review date is) Continue to keep records and such. Usually just one paper sent to you for you doc to sign(could be more). Just because they give a review date, does not mean you will have one(could be lucky).

    2. Medicare does not start for 2 years from the day you start receiving disabilty. (not sure about the back pay date, may be from there). This is something you really want to find out.

    3. Most people on Medicare are eligable for state Medicad programs as well. ( this really helps, too!!)

    4. You are allowed to work up to a certain amount(amount changes each year) for up to 9 months(they do not have to be consective and be done over 5 years. You are also only allowed to work so many hours a week as well.
    a. ex... I was a real estate agent. could make $809 a month and could not put my SSDI in danger. $810 would. I could work 20 hours, would not hurt, 40 hours and even no pay will HURT YOU!!! They still count up hours EITHER WAY.
    b. ex... I chose to work 3 months out of the year.(that would take a long to to achieve 9 months).
    c. If you decide to work, PLEASE look into things and see what amounts affect you. You have to let them know you are working and report all these things to them or you could jeprodise your benefits.

    These are just a few things that I had to deal with over the years. I no longer work and see that I never will. SSDI can make things tight. Should you want to work a little while you still can, you are allowed.
  2. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    Thank you for this important information.

    However, my review date was in my paperwork that I received regarding my approval; I will be up for review in 7 years and assume this will be the only review; I hope.

    As for medicare, I was approved in September 08 and am now on medicare. (I think this is because the first 2 years of waiting period began when I became disable). I suppose I have it; I received a card in the mail.

    I didn't know about the work allowance; thank you for that information.

  3. irox

    irox New Member

    Reagrding #3. I stated :"most people", My personal experience, I lived in 3 different states and qualified for State medical programs in each. Currently I live in Cali and yeah the forms ask for other household income. I live with my BF and told them he would not give the info and they said that was fine. Yeah, you can't have much assets on your own or expensive car and such. It doesn't hurt to try and apply.

    And the start date for medicare...I only had 4 months backpay, so I double checked my papers and yes it's 2 years from start date. I did have to wait out this period and it was a struggle and yes switched to physcian that had assignment. First question I always ask when needing to seek a specialist or any doc for that matter.

    I was just seeing alot of Post of people having a struggle to get approved( I got approved fairly quickly and things went very smooth). I buy no means want to scare anyone. I just don't want anyone to struggle with issue's afterwards. And I thought it was an important topic.

    Please anytime anyone gives you info, always double check it yourself. Things do change over the years in Regulations and laws, and I am sure there are more issue's that arise afterwards, to be prepared is better than creating obstacles in my opinion.
  4. irox

    irox New Member

    I agree with Nink on everything. you should be getting quite abit of back pay. I would call your case worker and ask. Ask how much your back pay will be, your montly check and what date's you will be receiving them and when to expect your Medicare benefits to Begin. Medicare has been a godsend for me. They cover alot(as long as your doc or whom ever accepts medicare.
    Congrats by the way, I have read some of your post and so happy for you!! It really is a weight lifted.
  5. buttercakes

    buttercakes New Member

    Congrats on winning your case!! Was this the first time you applied? Im so happy for you. Maybe that mean doc they sent you to actually helped your case?? How is your Lyme treatment going? Sandie
  6. Hootie1

    Hootie1 New Member

    My letter said that they would review between 5-7 years- yours, I suspect-considering your list- will be the same. I think that's the longest they go. It may be different though after a certain age.

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